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Children – 10 Day Photo Challenge – Day 7


Children – 10 Day Photo Challenge – Day 7



Thanks for hosting this fun challenge, Cassia!


Today’s prompt is for photos of children. I don’t usually put people’s pictures on here, so had to be a little bit different for today.

So…here are 3 books that have the words children or kids, and what they are about.

The first one is a true story about a family with 10 kids. The mom enters all kinds of contests to win prizes, and does really well.

The second book is also a non-fiction one, about a teacher of special needs children.

Next is a book about the soap opera, “All My Children”. That was my favorite daytime drama to watch, but sadly it has been off the air for quite awhile.

Last, I did find a couple of photos of children…one from the library story time with the kids listening to a fun story, and a bunch of kids taking part in a parade, in a town we once lived in.



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