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Today’s Just Jot It January prompt is the word Frozen.

But first…For some reason I didn’t think we were to do one on Saturday! Now, I find out that we were, and the prompt was ‘pause/paws’… I guess I took it literally, and paused for real 😉 …anyway, without further ado, here’s the one for today! Enjoy!



First of all, I keep wanting to mention this, to see if anyone else sees what I see when I visit blogs. The Snowflakes that are falling across many of your screens. They are really cool, and hypnotizing. I could watch them for hours, just getting lost. The thing is, I use my PC for everything, and when I move the mouse different directions, the snowflakes on the screen move either in that direction, or the opposite direction. It’s fun! Does anyone else notice this happening, and is it supposed to do that?

Now, I have to mention the movie “Frozen”. It’s a great movie, if you like animation. My 2 year old grand-daughter loves it. She sings the songs, talks about Elsa and Anna and that snowman (forgot his name…Olaf? or is that the reindeer?) We got her a play costume dress-up dress for Christmas, that was like one of the girls in the movie wore. She didn’t want to ever take it off, she felt so pretty in it 🙂

So, the day after Christmas, we were travelling back home from MO. We had to cut our visit short, in order to beat a blizzard that was due to happen in our hometown in TX. Well, we almost made it. Flights were cancelled, the airline put us in a limo for an almost 2 hour drive, through flooding rains, to St. Louis to catch another one, then at DFW everything was cancelled, they said for days. So…we rented a car to drive home, and wouldn’t you know it, there was thunder, lightning, and pouring rain…with tornado warnings all around us. We were lucky we didn’t get blown away. Then, finally on the highway, the blizzard hit, big time. Slippery roads, very little visibility, and strong winds. We had to drive only 30 mph for a long, long time. What a mess! Thankful we made it home. Oh, our suitcases were lost somewhere along the way, too. They did finally find them, and delivered them to our house…yesterday evening…a full week later!

Here are a couple of pictures. One of our back yard, and one out the front door (we had to shovel our way out it was so deep). If you’re from the north, and are used to this frozen weather, go ahead and laugh. We’ve never seen so much snow, and the whole city shut down for days!IMG_1935-2IMG_1941-2

Frozen…nope, don’t like winter or cold weather. Give me hot, hundred degree weather any time! 🙂


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