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Just Jot It January – Aggravate


Just Jot It January – Aggravate

#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – January 12th, 2018


Today’s suggested prompt word is brought to you by Fandango. Find their blog here: https://fivedotoh.wordpress.com/


I don’t know much to say about aggravate. I don’t get aggravated very often. Let’s see…

I get aggravated when:

  • I keep writing/typing 2017 instead of 2018
  • I can’t get the lid from a jar open
  • I drop things and have to stop to pick it up/clean it up
  • When I know I’m not at all organized about anything, and wish I could be
  • When I’m asked what or where I want to eat (it really doesn’t matter to me, anything is fine, you choose)
  • When I’m asked to make a decision (it’s impossible, because I flit from one thing to another every second)

And, I was aggravated yesterday, when this prompt word was suggested, because I had a stomach ache all day, and didn’t feel like doing anything, such as thinking about being aggravated.


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