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JUST JOT IT JANUARY & SOCS 2017 – COAT jjj-2017 socsbadge2016-17

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS and #JusJoJan Jan. 7/17


Today we are combining these two challenges … the Just Jot It Januaary & Stream of Consciousness Saturday 2017. The prompt word for both is ‘coat’.


This is a photo I took this morning of our back storm door. It was still dark outside, about 6 a. m. and the glass had frost shapes on it. Yesterday it snowed here, and it was about 9 degrees outside, or maybe a little less, I can’t remember. Anyway, we feed a bunch of feral/stray cats every day out in the back yard. Well, the front yard, too, as some different ones come to the front side. Maybe these cats are actually our outside cats. They’ve always lived here, and are skittish. They won’t let us pet them, except one.

So, as soon as we bring out the food and water every morning, they come running. These cold mornings, the water freezes too, so we have to bang the bowl on the porch or ground to loosen the ice, then fill up the bowl again. This morning here’s what it looked like. The kitties (there’s 10 of them usually) were on the porch, while I took a photo through the frosty door glass. Turned out pretty cool looking, I think.

In the winter time, the outdoor cats have to manage the cold weather, so their fur grows thicker, giving them a nice coat to wear and keep them warm. They also all huddle up together for warmth. We do have a couple of houses/shelters for them to get into and snuggle up with each other, on a nice padding of blankets. I guess they like the whole arrangement, as they stick around for the free hand outs of cat food every day. 🙂


Frosty view of cats on porch


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