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Do What?…SOCS – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – do/dew/due


Do What?… Stream of Consciousness Saturday – do/dew/due

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS September 30-17


Today’s SOCS gives us the prompt words, do/dew/due.

Join in the challenge! If you do, you’ll find it is fun to write stream of consciousness style. Click the above link for details. 🙂


Do you usually have something come to mind, as soon as you see the new prompt for the week? I do, but then I keep thinking about it, and come up with a bunch of other things that have to do with the prompt words.

This is the first thing I thought of for the word, ‘do’. The TV game show, “Jeopardy”, and it’s final jeopardy theme song. Every time I hear it, I don’t actually hum it, but say the word ‘do’ along with the music. Do you do that, too?



Next, I thought of what I say all the time, when I didn’t hear what someone said, or need more explanation of what they said. “Do, what?” I read that it is mostly heard from people in TX and throughout the southern states. Do you say, “Do what?” a lot?

Then, I thought of dew. Well, everybody knows what dew is, right?

But, did you think of the library way of classifying books on the shelves? The Dewey Decimal System was created by Melvil Dewey in 1876, and is still in use in today’s libraries. Thank you, Mr. Dewey! (yes, I did look that up)

Last, is the word, ‘due’. I’m thinking that it is the end of the month, and the usual bills are due to be paid, again. Blah! I hate to see our bank account dwindle, as each bill is paid. Has to be done, though.

As a latecomer to the thinking about the prompt words, I thought of another phrase we say  lot. When someone asks you, “How ya doin'”, we lots of times just say, “I’m doin'”. Guess that means we’re doing just fine, getting along okay. Is this just another southern saying?

Well, this post is due to be posted, so do whatever you need/want to do this weekend! 🙂


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