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Pull Up a Seat # 37


Pull Up a Seat # 37 Pull_up-_a_Seat-Badge

Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge 2019-Week 37


This is a fun challenge that appears weekly. It is hosted by XingfuMama, and her blog can be found at the above link. Get details, and see other entries there. It’s fun. 🙂


This first photo was taken at a shaved ice place here in town, called “Bahama Bucks”. They have cool decorations on the walls, in oranges and blues. This was a large booth, with seats and table in a beige color. The sign says, “Taste of Paradise”.


This one I took at a local restaurant called “Jazz – A Louisiana Kitchen”. It’s one of our favorite places for Cajun food. The place is not very large, has a wooden floor, tables and chairs. On some nights they have a band playing music. The most interesting feature of this places is all the dollar bills that decorate everything in there. The walls are plastered with them, along with the ceiling, the chairs, the bar area, and everything else. I don’t know if anyone has counted all the dollars, but it must be in the thousands. 🙂

Some wooden chairs & tables at Jazz – a dollar bill is on the back of all chairs

One tiny section of a wall in Jazz – many dollar bills!



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