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Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Soul/Sole


Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Soul/Sole

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS March 16/19

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “soul/sole.” Use one, use both, use ’em any way you like. Enjoy!


Today’s SOCS asks us to write something about soul/sole. Linda G. Hill, our hostess, always gives us interesting and fun prompts. Thanks, Linda!

To add your voice to the Saturday challenge, just click the above link to find out how, and to see other entries for the day. It’s amazing to read what everyone does with the prompt. 🙂


Well, it wouldn’t be like me not to mention my continuing fan fiction story, “Two Souls: Into the Fire”, now would it? Of course you can find it here three times a week. I’ve probably typed and written the word ‘soul’ about a billion times over the years.

Now that’s said…on to the rest of the prompt.


I think we all have something called a soul. It’s that spark of being … of being who we are.

This spark of what you might call life, of being alive, is intangible. You can’t see it, but it is only felt, like love.

I believe when our bodies die, our souls live on in some ethereal place, and our souls will  recognize those other souls we have loved.

To me, this is true that we’ll see/recognize our pets in the afterlife, too.

I’m not sure about everyone having a soul mate, but it’s probably happened that you’ve met someone who is just that to you.

I wrote this poem back in 2014, which touches on this, whether human or animal souls. That’s why I never say good-bye…just that I’ll see them later.


SOUL MATES (You and I)

You imprint me with your kisses,

I impress your very soul.

You leave fingerprints upon me,

I am yours to always hold.

I believe you have bewitched me,

You have a way with words.

I feel my spirit soaring,

You give me wings, like birds.

You know I’ll never fly away,

I love you much too strong.

You know what you will do someday,

I pray that I am wrong.

I know I’ve lived a mortal life;

You are not from this place.

I feel this time is sweet but short,

You will miss my warm embrace.

I sense you fading into the mist…

You promise we’ll meet again.

I cling to you for one last kiss,

You smile and then ascend


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