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Square in December – Time – Day 28


Square in December – Time – Day 28

Dawn of a new day


For the month of December, Becky has prompted us with the word ‘time’. To see more entries and join in the fun, just click the above link. Thanks so much, Becky!


This clock is in the regular grocery store where we shop. I kept looking around hoping there would be a clock somewhere in there, and finally noticed this one in the customer service area of the store.


“The Syncopated Clock,” was written by Leroy Anderson in 1945, and then recorded for the Decca Records label in 1950. It is a feature of the Boston Pops Symphony, with Arthur Fiedler and his Orchestra.

I read that all the clocks in the video, except two, are scenes from New York City.

I remember hearing this song/music on the radio a lot, many years ago. It was first an instrumental, and then Mitchell Parish wrote lyrics to it.




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