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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Aug. 26/17


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When I saw this on FB I wanted to save it, because what a week it has been. Actually, less than a week from the eclipse to the hurricane. Wild!

I hope anyone in Hurricane Harvey’s path is staying safe.

from “Texas Country Music Concerts” https://www.facebook.com/TxCMC/


When we looked at the sky on Monday, we thought we might see a bit of the eclipse. We were supposed to have about 75 percent of it here. But, the day was overcast and the clouds were pretty thick. We took a photo, but there was just a bright spot in amongst a bunch of clouds. We have since had some rain, with thunder and lightning, but not from the hurricane. We’re a bit too far north to get any effects from it. Now, we do get some of the outflow from hurricanes, when they are on the west side of Mexico. They usually bring a lot of rain to us here.

When we were in south Texas, close to Corpus Christi, there was one predicted to hit, but it changed directions or something. Everyone was getting prepared beforehand, though, just in case.

When we were in south Texas, too, there was an eclipse. We were on the edge of totality, I think. This was 1984, if I remember. That time everything got pretty dark that mid morning, and the streetlights came on. It looked very eerie.

When we were in Japan, we were in a Catagory 5 Typhoon. That was Typhoon Tip. We had trees blown down, and lots of rain.

When extreme weather is happening anywhere, I really am interested in it all. I think that is because of the F5 Tornado I was in here, in 1970.

When I looked out the back door just now, I see that it is pouring down rain!


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