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Here’s Your Sign – One Liner Wednesday


Here’s Your Sign – One Liner Wednesday

One-Liner Wednesday – Report


I’m pretty sure they were going for humor. Let’s hope they were! 🙂

Had to take the photo as we were driving by. Sorry the lines were in the way.


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Entry for 5th Annual Contest of Whatever


Entry for 5th Annual Contest of Whatever

The Fifth Annual Contest Of Whatever!

Last Call!


This contest post is brought to you by the suggestion from Evil Squirrel! There are some weird and wacky things over at the ‘Nest’, but always entertaining! Go visit! Click a link and find out what the heck this is all about while you visit, but come back here to let me know what you think! 😉

We were challenged with 3 random photos to interpret into our post. Click on one of the links above to see these photos.

This is the 1st time I’ve entered this contest, and it’s been fun! Thanks ES!


you can enlarge photo by clicking it  – how many squirrels can you find?

The gang have gathered for a party!

Tiger is all too happy to take a dip in the lotus flower hot tub, and give hugs to his friends!

Mario & Luigi, aka Bud & Weasel, have dropped by for some fun!


The Mystery Box Chickens have gift wrapped goodies for everyone!

The squirrels are having a blast just hanging out with their friends, and doing entertaining acrobatics for the talent show!


Wait…was there supposed to be a story?! Uh-oh!


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Cee’s Odd-Ball Photo Challenge & Update on Lucky 7


Cee’s Odd-Ball Photo Challenge & Update on Lucky 7 

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: February 18, 2018


So, I posted about the playing card I found all by itself in a parking lot. It was the 7 of hearts.  I was asked to say if it brought any luck.

Well, as for lottery scratch-offs, we did win a bit here and there, a few small amounts, and a couple that were worth $100, So that was lucky.  Can’t really think of anything else that happened you’d call lucky.


Now, here’s something silly. I usually read a book while I’m eating, and have a book stand for it. I got everything situated, then looked up to begin reading. I’d accidentally put the book upside down! Of course I had to take a picture of the ‘oops’. 🙂


One more odd-ball I saw today was this sign. Makes me wonder if Sunday is not included in ‘every day’!


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Funny for Friday


Funny for Friday


Wishing y’all a fun weekend!


Here’s a fun thing I’ve been messing around with today. It’s Google Poems. Have you every tried it?

You know how when you do a search, Google will do that automatic fill in thing, of what you might be looking for? Well, some in the list are pretty funny, so it’s a thing to make it into a poem. Some I’ve taken straight off the list, while others I’ve skipped around with different search words.

Here’s some I did:


Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus

He’s a pirate who said

Birds of a feather flock together

Whoosh – let it go


Sometimes we stumble where shadows stand

Sometimes we tell the truth

Sometimes we put up walls

Sometimes we need a break


I could use a love song

I come to the garden alone

I could only imagine

I couldn’t sleep


Why will the world end

Because the night isn’t what it’s cracked up to be

Why will message not activate

Isn’t life strange


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Stream of Consciousness Saturday & Just Jot It January


Stream of Consciousness Saturday & Just Jot It January

The Friday Reminder for #SoCS & #JusJoJan Daily Prompt, Jan. 20th, 2018

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “oc.” Find a word that starts with “oc” and use it in your post. Bonus points if you start and end with your post with an “oc” word. Have fun!


O’Casey the ocelot screamed at two o’clock in the early morning of October 31st.

He was in charge of cleaning the giant aquarium at the Oceanside Museum, and it had to be done in the wee hours before the public came in to observe the underwater realms.

This being Halloween, he was a bit spooked anyway, and when the occupant of the aquarium, Toby the octopus, had given him a startle, by slithering from behind a decorative rock, he just lost all control.

O’Casey was a bit embarrassed on this occasion, especially as his scream had gone an octave higher than the piercing noise of a smoke alarm.

Toby just laughed and waved his arms around in a friendly manner. He loved playing a joke on O’Casey, and knew they’d remain friends for as long as they lived, even if they were both octogenarians.


note: written with minimal rearranging of one sentence, otherwise just looked up some ‘oc’ words, and wrote as it came to me.


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Just Jot It January & One-Liner Wednesday


Jut Jot It January & One-Liner Wednesday

One-Liner Wednesday & #JusJoJan Daily Prompt – January 17, 2018


“We are not tea-sing – Our tea is pleasing”

This is a sign we pass by all the time. They change the saying every so often, most times having to do with tea or water, and sometimes funny. One time though, and I never got a picture of it, the sign just said, ‘water water come and get it’. I thought they could have come up with a better one than that.


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Feather of Shame – Just Jot It January – Humiliate


Feather of Shame – Just Jot It January – Humiliate

#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – January 11th, 2018

Feather, Desktop Wallpaper

If this photo I found on Pixabay was on a stick, it would be like a cat toy we used to have. The cats loved to chase the feather around.

We sometimes played with it, too, and called it the ‘feather of shame’.

Anytime one of us did or said something really silly or wrong, we’d get the feather of shame, and wave it in front of them. It was just for laughs, and not really to humiliate them. It became a family joke, and we all knew what it meant, when someone else would say, “You get the feather of shame!” haha

We don’t have the feather on a stick any more, as it finally wore out, and lost the feathery part. We still have the stick, though. We just call it ‘Stubbins’ now, because there is just a stub of the feather left on the end. Stubbins was Paolo’s favorite toy to chase around in circles. He is sadly passed on now, and we miss playing with him.


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Just Jot It January – Pants


Just Jot It January – Pants

#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – January 8th, 2018


Today’s prompt word, ‘pants’, is suggested by Pensitivity 101 … and she can be found blogging at: https://pensitivity101.wordpress.com/


Pants, pants, wonderful pants

The looser they fit

The better you dance

Pants, pants, wonderful pants

Yogas and leggings are stretchy

When you pose in a trance

Pants, pants, wonderful pants

Denim or khaki or sweatpants – your choice

Whatever the style, just make a stance

Pants, pants, wonderful pants

Bell-bottoms, plus fours, stovepipes, and flared

Vintage or trendy, go forth and prance


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Stream of Consciousness Saturday – SOCS & Just Jot It January – ECO


Stream of Consciousness Saturday – SOCS & Just Jot It January – ECO

The Friday Reminder for #SoCS & #JusJoJan Daily Prompt, Jan. 6th, 2018

Today’s SOCS is combining with Just Jot It Saturday, and the prompt suggestion is to use the letters ‘eco’ in your post. Thanks, Linda!


I did look up some words that had those letters in them, and then took a couple of minutes to write this little story, all stream of consciousness, as it came to me.

Here’s my try at using a bunch of words that have ‘eco’ somewhere in them. 🙂


The Art Deco decorations in the music hall were only a decoy.

Frank, working undercover as Francine, the drag queen who sings zydeco, was performing.

The second the audience saw her act, they recoiled in horror, and demanded a recoup of their admission ticket price.

For the record, Francine’s act bombed, and so did the case Frank was trying to solve.


Words used with ‘eco’ are: (8) Deco, decorations, decoy, zydeco, second, recoiled, recoup, record


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Christmas Chaos


Here it is again, my re-posting of a poem I wrote back in 2006. If you’ve seen it before, wonderful! If it is new to you, hope you enjoy the humor in this one! 🙂

Funny reindeer on a bench at the mall




‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the house

The paper was flying, the place was a mess.

Where’s the ribbon, where’s a box, where’s the tape, I don’t know –

And outside the window, it’s beginning to snow.

When I in my flurry, was running around, remembered “Oh-no, I have to go back to town!”

I have to mail packages, to those far away. How long will it take – a week or three days?

There’s munchies to buy, and a dinner to plan…and what, oh what, can I get for the “man”?

The pets all need feeding, and what could be more? The neighbors are here, with a knock at the door.

They come bringing cheese balls, and cookies galore.

I say thank you, then usher them out. Then I turn around and say with a shout, “I have to make gifts for those on our street!”

But, I’m about to collapse from the heat.

Get up and go, let’s do the day right. Put on some music, and candles to light.

A box of cards, my cup of coffee…should I eat that last piece of toffee?

Christmas ideas are really quite lofty, and really, at heart, I’m such a softie.

I’ll wrap a few gifts, then do some leg lifts; look at the snow – it’s now making drifts.

Put lots of presents in pretty paper, and think up some clues, for a Christmas caper.

Pull on some mittens, put on a scarf. If I hear one more carol, I’m going to barf.

I jump in the truck to go do my shopping; the stores are all crowded…the places are hopping.

On Target, and K-Mart, and Hastings, and Penny’s…Now United and Wal-Mart – can we stop at a Denny’s?

No – get it done – there’s no time to waste…I need to get home…hurry, hurry, make haste.

And then to the wondering eyes of those there, I manage to put some dye on my hair.

Some coffee, some milk, is all that I ask…to put my feet up, before my next task.

To watch my soap opera, would be a nice break. I think I’ll do that, and also eat cake.

I just settled down, and there goes the phone; I, of course don’t answer, I pretend I’m not home.

And now it’s time to do some more wrapping. We’ll put on some music – our feet will be tapping.

Merry Christmas to one, Merry Christmas to all…What’s that you say? Another trip to the mall?

I don’t think I want to…I don’t think I can…but, wait, I still need a gift for the ‘man’.

We must keep it even, we must keep it straight…I need another gift for my mate.

What shall it be, something big, or much smaller? As I walk the halls of the mall, I do holler.

I need to find a gift that is right – before I call it quits for the night.

So, I go to the mall, and the stores…and stand in long lines, before I get out the doors.

The aisles are all crowded, the cart’s in a jam…say “Excuse me, pardon me, excuse me, Ma’am.”

At first, we’re polite, when we go to town, but as frustration mounts, we’ll mow you down.

When there’s only one more shopping day…you better move fast, get outta my way.

Can’t find the right size, can’t find the right gift, then stop by the Starbucks to get a lift.

Give me caffeine right now, I say, got to get on with this frantic day.

Have a nice day, be jolly, be merry…if I hear it again, I’ll commit hara-kiri. It’s my ‘pleasure’ to serve you,

Uh-huh, yeah right…you probably make faces, as I pull out of sight.

Finally, finally get back home, where I just want to sit and moan.

My feet hurt, my back hurts, my nerves are all jangled…and how do you wrap a box that’s tri-angled?

Back at home, I start wrapping, all the critters are napping…

The oven is cooking the breads, how merry, but now I need another cranberry.

Merry Christmas to me…let’s trim the tree…and now the cats are OOC (out of control)

Happy to make your Christmas surprise, waiting for the bread to rise.

Christmas morning comes awfully early; no wonder everyone is so surly.

Buying spending – oh, what fun…we’ll all be glad when shopping is done.

The stockings are ready to hold all the goodies – maybe some candy or nice warm hoodies.

Light candles, fill stockings, with striped candy canes. Look out the window, hope it won’t rain.

Sweep the floor, wash the dishes, deck the halls with Christmas wishes.

There’s potatoes to mash, and take out the trash…as for me, I think I’m about to crash.

Finally, everything looks really pretty, Charlie (the tree) is ready, and still little bitty.

Now, take a picture, and go to our beds. I hope no one forgot to take their meds.

When morning comes, we’ll all get to say…we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Then, I look in the living-room, and what do I see? One of the cats is eating the tree. I holler and yell, but then, what does it

matter…I’ll just have to clean up the mess later.

She enjoys Christmas her way…I prefer mine…

So Merry Christmas to all…from our family to thine.

Just one more thing I’d like to say – Happy Holidays to all and Have a Wonderful Day!



First written on December 20, 2006


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