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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Feb. 25/17


Todays SOCS – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – has the prompt word ‘how’, to use ‘however’ we want to use it.

How can I come up with something using ‘how’? All I can think of is  little phrases I’ve heard, like ‘how now brown cow’, and ‘how’s it going?’ Also, there are lots of ‘how-to’ videos, and books, showing/telling how to do something. There’s also ‘Howdy Doody’, which was a children’s television show, back in the 50s, using a character marionette. I remember watching that, and thought it was pretty funny. That’s about all I can think of for ‘how’.   … However… I wrote this impromptu poem just now. I actually wrote it on paper, right before I started typing this post. So, it’s basically stream of consciousness poem writing, which is how I usually do my poetry. The words just come to me, pretty fast, and I write them down in a hurry, so as not to forget ‘how’ it went in my head. Anyway…hope you enjoy my poem. It uses ‘how’ in a different way. 🙂



photo found on Pixabay


Howl at the moon

Howl at the stars

Howl to the night

Howl against wars

Howl at injustice

Howl for peace

Howl out the pain

Howl for surcease

Howl for humanity

Howl out frustrations

Howl for your love

Howl for all nations


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