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House # 2, 3, & 4


House # 2, 3, & 4


The second house I lived in was only for about two weeks. I don’t have a photo of it.

We’d just gotten married, while my husband was on Christmas leave from the Army. His parents said we could stay at their house while they were gone back to east TX for the holidays. They didn’t come to our wedding on the 23rd. I guess it was no big deal to them, or didn’t really think we’d get married, or maybe just couldn’t change their plans. I don’t know.

After the two weeks, he had to report back to his Army base, and I went back to my parent’s house. It was almost a year before I saw him again. We did have a couple of breaks, where he came home from Viet Nam for a week or so, and another when I went to meet him in Hawaii for R & R.


Then we got to be together again, and we moved to his next station, which was in Lawton Oklahoma at Fort Sill Army base.

This house was a duplex, and most of the neighborhood had Army wives staying home while the men were at work on base.

None of us worked, so we’d get together to hang out during the day. We’d play board games, cards, and watch TV.

We were there for awhile in this one, which had a very small living room, one bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. The rent was 60 dollars a month.

small grey house with white lattice for red climbing roses


Then we moved around the corner to another duplex. I don’t know why, but I liked it okay. It was 65 dollars a month rent, and had the same small number of rooms.

One or two things stand out while we were living there. I was pregnant, and lost the baby a few months into it.

This house was where we had all the tarantula spiders crawling everywhere.

We had a nice part beagle dog Sam, a Siamese cat Mr. Kat, two gerbils, and my long time parakeet, Igor.

Then the Mr. was transferred again, this time to Germany. I went back home to my parents house until I could join him.


Oh, before I go there was one thing I remember that was weird when we lived here. I’d had a bad feeling all day of something going to happen. The feeling just wouldn’t go away. Then later that evening we got a telegram at the door. It said my sister’s fiance had been killed with two of his brothers as their car stalled on some railroad tracks and the train hit them. So sad and awful. I must have had a sort of premonition of tragedy.

small yellow house with big evergreen tree in the front


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