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I AM the KID WHO (part 2)


I AM the KID WHO (part 2)   … see part 1 here http://wp.me/p3RE1e-3hU

  • went horseback riding in huge empty fields, every Saturday morning. Now, where I used to ride, is a main shopping area here in town, with businesses all around. Here’s me on a horse named Joey, my favorite one.

  • moved a rubber ball, a few inches, by using only my mind thoughts
  • ate Elm tree leaves … they tasted good
  • saw my first horror movie, the 1961 film called,”Gorgo”, and wasn’t scared. I still like horror movies.
  • got a notification from a Ouija board, that I’d get a puppy dog. It named a specific date, and it all came true. Here’s Dusty!

  • had to wear ugly, brown, lace up shoes, with added arch supports,when all her friends were wearing cute sandals and mary jane shoes.
  • had to practice saying the word, ‘funeral’, because I kept saying, ‘FUN -eral’. I couldn’t figure out  what was so fun about funerals.
  • fell off my bike, got a scar on my knee, and destroyed a library book in the process. Then, I successfully (I think) hid torn up library book in the shelves. Oh, my first bike just happened to be a boy’s bike. Why, I don’t know. I didn’t like it, but now wish I had it, as I think it was an original Schwinn. (it may have been a Huffy, and the Schwinn came later?)

Here’s me, my infamous bike, and the ugly oxford shoes.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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