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A to Z Blog Challenge 2021 – Letter Z – Zonkers


A to Z Blog Challenge 2021 – Letter Z – Zonkers




It’s that time again for the April A to Z Blog Challenge. I’ve done this one for quite a few years, and it’s always fun.

This time I decided to go with the miscellaneous type posts, which some days will be whatever I want, and other days will be a resurrection of my older posts that pretty much no one or very few ever saw.


Well, another A to Z Blog Challenge has come and gone. This is my final entry for 2021, and it’s been fun. Hope you’ve enjoyed some of these posts from long ago. Thank you so much for all the visits, likes, and comments! They are so appreciated! ❤

So, here we go with Letter Z  …

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter Z





Yummy, sweetened popcorn in a box…that’s Screaming Yellow Zonkers!

Back in the 1960s and early 1970s, Zonkers were a must have snack among the hippie crowd. The popcorn tasted great when you had the munchies, but the box it came in was special.

You bought the snack as much for the box, as for the popcorn. The box was black, one of the first products to be packaged in a black box. There was lots of writing on the box…some of it absurd, mostly funny, with cartoon characters and witty (so we thought) sayings. That was the main selling point…the snack was just a bonus.

At times Zonkers were hard to find at the store. If someone found a store that was selling them, word was passed around. I remember at least once, driving way out of my way to find them. Down unfamiliar streets, I went, finally finding the little convenience store that reportedly had Zonkers. It was so worth the trip…I had my Zonkers!

Screaming Yellow Zonkers were discontinued in 2007, but as of May 2012, they have been in production again, in limited editions. You can find them at times at Walgreens Drug Stores!

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My Friend Flower – Three Things Challenge # 18/19


My Friend Flower – Three Things Challenge # 18/19



Today’s prompt: velvet, cloud, hippie

Today’s prompt: uranium, moss, dancer


Her name was Flower. She always wore a garland of daisies atop her long, straight hair. I knew her in those hippie days of the 60s, and she was my friend.

I tell you this now, after many years have gone by…many years…

Pardon me a moment while I collect my thoughts.

We were only play acting, you know. Play acting at being hippies, because we thought it was cool. We both came from nice, upper middle class families. We were in high school, and had our steady boyfriends. But there was cloud of discord hanging over our generation. I see it now, though back then we had no idea really, what was going on in the world. We wore our velvets, and tie-dye tee-shirts, our Jesus sandals, and our rose tinted granny glasses, and danced to the latest records at parties. We crafted love beads and traded with our group of friends, and proclaimed peace not war. It was a time of innocence bordering on the rim of social injustice, and we felt a part of it.

Then, our boyfriends graduated and were called into this country’s armed services, headed for Viet Nam. Flower and I were among those who protested the war, but what really could we do? We still partied with our friends and sent care packages overseas to our boyfriends, and tried to make the best of things until we were reunited.

One spring day, Flower and I went down to the creek just to hang out. We talked of peace and war there by the moss covered rocks, while doves cooed in the branches of the weeping willow trees. Then, planning to go out that night to a little hole in the wall coffee shop, we painted our faces with glow in the dark paints. We giggled, thinking of how fun it would be to see everyone under the black lights there. We’d take part in the entertainment…she’d play her guitar, while I read a poem I’d written.

We did go that night, and it was a good night. That was one of the last good nights with Flower.

Just a moment, please…

Flower became very sick soon after that night. It was determined that the glow in the dark paint we’d used was tainted. We had no idea it was made with uranium in it. It was radioactive.

Why she got the radiation poisoning that killed her, and I didn’t remains a mystery. Maybe she’d used more of the paint than I had. I don’t know. Within six weeks she was gone. She never got to see her boyfriend come back home. She was as much a victim of the war as millions of others, I believe.

I’m glad she was my friend. I miss her.


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For today’s dVerse poetry prompt, we  were asked to free-write for 9 minutes, about a time in your life. From these key words, jottings, and thoughts, we were to write our poem. I did add a few more words to the free-write, to finish. This poem takes place during the 60s and early 70s, a time I remember well.

I’d like to thank the hosts of dVerse, and wish everyone a refreshing, break. Many good wishes for the New Year…see you then! 🙂



my free-write notes today & me, a long time ago



Flower power everywhere

Peace n Love is in the air

Stringing beads, the more the better

Waiting for an overseas letter

Folk ballads – Dylan and Joan

Writing lyrics, bringing it home

Incense n hazy days

Woodstock dreams n Hippie ways

Smokin’ music n concerts

Take a toke, it never hurts

Peace-niks and Jesus Freaks

Groovin’ to those rockin’ beats

Bell bottoms…iron our hair

Sit-ins, bed-ins, see you there

Make love, not war

What on Earth are we fightin’ for

Cry for Peace our battle cry

Does that make sense, I ask you…why

Met n married, 19…smart?

War torn, a year apart

Continue on as best I can

Scared to see an official sedan

He comes back, my true love

How I praise heaven above

Baby born/baby dies

Only seen once, with my crying eyes

Carry on our wayward life

War never ends, still there’s strife

And still we cry without cease

Still we cry

We cry for Peace


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