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POEM # 13



A nagging pain, like cotton wool, muffles my thoughts

My head hurts, just need to close my eyes

Maybe a breath of fresh, fall air will ease my senses

Sunny, mid-morning yellow, surrounded by cool, blue skies

Listening to the silence of the falling leaves

One, two, three, then more

They touch me like soft butterflies

Raining down in golden drops of autumn

A crispy carpet at my feet, I smile as I hear my cat

Pouncing and leaping to catch the falling curiosities

My tree laughs and smiles, as a soft breeze tickles her branches

She shakes herself, releasing her finery for us to enjoy

We have nothing to fear, as winter comes near…

Her words are felt in my soul

As I open my eyes, looking upward,

I am thankful for this gorgeous fall day,

And find my pain gone away


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