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31 Days of Halloween – Haunted


31 Days of Halloween – Haunted

Tourmaline .’s Halloween Challenge – Haunted


From a haunted forest to a haunted house = Beware!

Rock painted black with orange bare branched trees, and mysterious eyes peeking out – “Beware – The Haunted Forest” in words.


House of horror

House of fright

Gives me chills

This cold, cold night

Afraid without

Afraid within

Rattling bones

And a skeleton’s grin

Cobwebs are hanging

And shutters are banging

What’s that noise

It’s chains a-clanging

There seeps a fog

So damp and dense

It swirls around

Both house and fence

The floors are creaky

Tonight’s most freaky

No place for those

Who’s hearts are weakly

Hear the lonely wolves a-howling

Ghosts and monsters go a-prowling

Dare you to come in with me

Two together…brave we’ll be


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Creaky floors

Creaky doors

Noisy ghosts abound

Graveyard near

Fuels your fear

Ghosts do swirl around

Skritchy scratch

Unlocked latch

A eerie, ghostly sound

Draw the curtain

Must be certain

Ghosts remain underground

House so creaky

Ghosts so freaky

Try not to come unwound


For dVerse Poets – Quadrille # 43 (write to the prompt word ‘creak’, and use only 44 words)

Quadrille #43

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Here’s a few of my thoughts on antiques. I like to find old things at flea markets and yard sales. I’m not afraid of them, as I’ve heard others are.  What do you think? Are they haunted?IMG_1526


Do you think antiques are haunted by their previous owners? Have you ever held a really old item in your hands and ‘felt’ the presence of the infused spirit of some long ago person? I have.

Antiques and relics all have stories to tell, if you just listen…not with your ears, but with your sixth sense and your heart. Hold the item…maybe an old brooch, a bone hairpin, a letter from WWI or WWII, a bow tie from 1820, or a yellowing, lace baby bonnet from 1842…in your hands. Be quiet…just listen.

Close your eyes, feel the shape of the piece. See if you can pick up any impressions that flash across your mind. Try not to think of anything but what you are holding. The images and thoughts you have will be random, and may not make much sense to you…but, these thoughts that drift across your mind, will probably be the infused essence of the person/spirit that once owned the item.

It’s telling you a story…maybe about the baby who wore the bonnet; maybe it felt scratchy on their head, or maybe comforting, because they trusted their mother to protect their little head from the harsh sunlight. That this long ago baby lived a full, wonderful life, or later on, met with sorrow, you never know for sure, but rest assured, a bit of that person is left for you to discover…if you just listen.

I wouldn’t say the item is haunted, though. It just holds the impression of the previous owner. It’s a bit sad, really, that it has come to be sold out of the family. Someone thought enough of the person to have kept the item for so many years. It could be that this was the end of the line for it…no family left to pass it down to, as an heirloom.

I like to think I am rescuing it, that I was drawn to this place and time, to have found it…to find out it’s long history…and to tell it’s story.


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