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Happy Halloween – A Ballad for Jack


Black background, pumpkin sticker, painted jack-o-lantern rocks


Happy Halloween – A Ballad for Jack


A Halloween Poem I wrote in 2015



Out in the garden, way in the back,

A tangle of vines did grow.

There was a secret, hidden away,

For only me to know.

I watered and tended this special vine,

And, day by day it grew.

Soon, it revealed an orange orb…

I was the only one who knew.

I was so happy, I talked to it…

In fact, I named him Jack.

He grew up big and strong, that gourd…

I think he liked me back.

Then as the days grew cooler yet,

And, the sun was feeling dim,

I wanted Jack to stay with me,

But, it was time to part from him.

And, so it came, that sad, sad day…

Jack said it would be fine…

I took my knife and severed him…

I cut him from the vine.

I cried a river, but through my tears,

Jack looked at me and smiled…

He said to carve a great big grin,

For every little child.

And, so I did, I carved a face

For Jack’s big orange head.

Now, every Halloween night that comes,

Jack’s eyes shine bright, instead.


A carved jack-o-lantern wearing a pirate hat


images = my painted pumpkin rocks & my carved pirate jack-o-lantern


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Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween 🎃


I love dressing up in costumes for Halloween, so thought I’d show you some of the ones I’ve come up with over the years.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe Halloween!



Here’s a couple of my early costumes. There’s me and my little sister one Halloween. I think I was dressed as a gypsy?

Next is a costume I made when I was in Blue Birds (a group like Girl Scouts). We had to make them out of paper bags. 🙂

img_4314 img_4320

Our family had quite a few Halloween Costume parties over the years. We’d all dress up, have games, snacks, a homemade haunted house in the cellar, and I’d read an original spooky story of mine, complete with props, like peeled grapes for eyeballs, and spaghetti noodle innards.  Sometimes, we’d even have a ‘white elephant’ gift exchange game, with oddball gifts to snatch and trade. We had lots of fun! 🙂


Weird looking Betty Boop?


Witch, Ghost, & Ghoul


Vampire Ghoul?

Me, hamming it up as a witch





Happy Halloween!

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