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Dear Diary- October 24 – November 3, 1961 – NanoPoblano – Day 3


Dear Diary –  October 24 – November 3, 1961 – NanoPoblano – Day 3



It’s approaching that time again


This one is for my NanoPoblano post, and is also a regular feature here. I was reading the next few entries to my Diary, and what a funny thing…my last post was for the ‘Would You Rather’ question about wasps, and I can tell you exactly when I got stung by one! It’s written down in my diary entries! 🙂



For those who haven’t seen my Dear Diary posts before, a little explanation. This is my actual diary I wrote in for a full year, when I was 10 years old. I wrote every day, sometimes a lot, sometimes a little, sometimes funny, sometimes boring, but it was all recorded. Names of relatives are only first initials with relationship in parentheses. I’ve typed the entries just as I wrote them, mis-spellings and all, but corrected in parentheses. More posts of Dear Diary can be found by using catagories, or search box. Hope you enjoy reading my childhood diary! 🙂


Dear Diary,

10/24/61 – I went to school. I played.

10/25/61 – I went to school. I played.

10/26/61 – I went to school. I played. We went to grannys. B & N (uncle & aunt), S, & B (cousins) was there.

10/27/61 – I went to school. I went to Js (cousin). Mother and daddy came. We sang songs. I got stung by a wasp.

10/28/61 – I played. We went to grannys. I played. We went to Abernathy (a little nearby town) to take S (cousin) to a party.

10/29/61 – I played. I went to Js (cousin). Mama, J (aunt) & B (aunt) went bicyle (bicycle) riding.

10/30/61 – I went to school. I played. we made some candy and stuff.

10/31/61 – I went to school. I played. B (aunt) got some new furniture. It is Halloween. I got a bunck (bunch) of prizes.

11/1/61 – I went to school. I played.

11/2/61 – I went to school. J (cousin) came over. I played.

11/3/61 – I went to school. I went to grandmas while mama, daddy, and grandpa went to the hostpitle (hospital) to see Mr. J (a neighbor)


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Friendly Fill-Ins


Friendly Fill-Ins



  1. If I was a ghost, I would haunt ___________________.
  2. I always __________________ when __________________.
  3. My favourite scary story is _______________________.
  4. I will be so glad when ____________________________.


My Answers:

  1. I am a ghost. I haunt everything and everybody. That’s what we do.
  2. I always am afraid something will grab my foot, when I have it by the bed. (It did happen one time!)
  3. My favorite scary story is too scary to even think about. (it was a book called the Demonologists, about chasing down real demons. So scary I couldn’t finish it.)
  4. I will be so glad when my computer quits acting crazy.


  1. I would like to interview _____________________.
  2. I would like to be interviewed by _____________.
  3. Halloween night _______________________________.
  4. Once Halloween is over, _______________________.


My answers:

  1. I would like to interview the Vampire
  2. I would like to be interviewed by…well, I feel like I’m interviewed every week with these Friendly Fill-In questions and Cee’s Share Your World questions. It’s fun!
  3. Halloween night is my favorite night of the year.
  4. Once Halloween is over, I wish it was Halloween all over again. I love the decorations. But mostly, we just eat the leftover candy.


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Creaky floors

Creaky doors

Noisy ghosts abound

Graveyard near

Fuels your fear

Ghosts do swirl around

Skritchy scratch

Unlocked latch

A eerie, ghostly sound

Draw the curtain

Must be certain

Ghosts remain underground

House so creaky

Ghosts so freaky

Try not to come unwound


For dVerse Poets – Quadrille # 43 (write to the prompt word ‘creak’, and use only 44 words)

Quadrille #43

Thanks for hosting, Grace!


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Share Your World – 2016 Week 51 – Favorite Holiday Edition


It’s time for more questions from Cee, and answers from me! 🙂


What is your favorite holiday?

I do like all the holidays, the big ones, and the little ones. My favorite though, is Halloween! It’s been my favorite ever since I can remember. I like the atmosphere of spookiness, the costumes, the parties, and the decorations. I’d have my whole house decorated as Halloween all year, if I could.

blogger-image-878065477What types of food is associated with your holiday?

Candy, mostly, for the trick or treat kids that come by the house. Of course I have some to eat, also.

Do you travel for your holiday?

No, not anymore. I used to roam the neighborhood when I was a kid, and then later taking my girls around the neighborhood for trick or treats. One year we were visiting my in-law’s in another city, and my SIL gave a party for all the kids. First we took them to get candy at a few houses, then came back for party food and games. It was pouring down rain that night, too.

Is it a religious or spiritual holiday?

No, not for me.

Is there a gift exchange?

Sometimes, we give our kids a Halloween card, and a few fun things that are Halloween themed.

How long does the celebration last?

Just the one night. However, the build-up and anticipation for all the fun begins way earlier, like the first of the month. There were always lots of discussions about what costume you’d be wearing, and lots of changing of minds. I used to sew their costumes from a pattern, too, so that took awhile before the big day.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

Grateful I’m pretty much over being sick. Looking forward to Christmas celebrations with daughters, and their families.:)


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 🙂


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True Story!



Happy Halloween to me

I’m sick as I can be

Coughing and sneezing

Feeling hot, and then freezing

Phlegm and snot is what I’ve got

Aches and pains, I feel like rot

A headache that pounds

I just lay around

With a moan and a groan

Just leave me alone

Tylenol and tissues

You know I have issues

I want this sickness to go away

On this happy Halloween haunting day


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