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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Apr. 29/17


Today’s SOCS we have the word ‘yard’.  To join in and to see other entries, just click the above link.


Yard… we have a yard in the front, and a yard in the back. We don’t do anything out there. The grass grows in the summer, which needs mowing. I don’t do it. The cats outside like the yard, I suppose. They hang out there, on the front yard swing, and benches, and on the back yard table and chairs. So do the birds. I always wanted to make the yards into all flower gardens, all wild and disorganized, or vegetables…but I don’t garden much. I suggested making the back yard into a miniature golf course thing. It didn’t happen. I’d like to have a patio, but we don’t, so it’s too hot to sit out there in the summer time. We could get an umbrella to put on the table, but we haven’t, because it’s so windy here it would just blow away. We had one of those canopy type things. We used it last summer for about a week. One night it rained, and it collected in the canopy material and sagged down like mammatus clouds over our head. We had to dump it all out.

Well, I’d like to have a pretty yard we could sit out in and not be baked like in an oven. We don’t have a tree in the back yard for shade. So, the back yard is just there, and the front yard is just there.

This is brought to you by ‘woe is me’ for not having a good back yard, and by the chilly, gray, windy, rain-ish day. Here I thought we’d have better weather than this at the end of April! hahaha 🙂


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