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Loco Letter #2


Dear Grocery Stores:

What’s up with moving things around?

Do you like to confuse your customers? I pretty much shop at the same nearby grocery store all the time, as I’m sure most people do. I’m a regular shopper, and have come to recognize and exchange pleasantries with the employees. They do the same, as we see each other very frequently.

However, sometimes I go in to the store, and nothing is where I’m used to it being. Over night, it seems, there has been a rearranging of the grocery items. The aisles are completely different, and I have to search up one way, and down another, to find the bread, the coffee, or the canned goods.

Once, our store even split the long aisles into two sections each, then had to provide maps for their customers. They hung a map on each end of each aisle section, detailing where things were. They also handed out the map pages at the front door. Even then, people would have to ask for help finding things. It was a mess, for awhile. It was a bit like a treasure hunt, every time you’d go in there, but the treasure you were looking for was only toilet paper.

So, why do store owners think this is a good idea? Is it to make people walk all over the whole store – maybe to add extra items to their purchases? It may work a little bit, but from a customer’s point of view, it’s aggravating.

Do the owners ever ask for our opinions, suggestions, or feed-back? No, they don’t. Do we customers complain about it to the owners? No, we don’t. No, we only complain to the cashiers, baggers, and stockers, who have had nothing to do with the decision for the change up.

In the end, we get used to the new floor plan, the shelving combinations, and we get back into a familiar routine. We can eventually zip through the store with no problem…until another overnight, secret mission has taken place, with no warning. We walk in to a completely reorganized store.

Then the whole irritating process starts over. Ugh!