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Sabi Saturday # 15 – Pitchers Collection


Sabi Saturday # 15 – Pitchers Collection

Sabi Saturday, Week 15


Sabi Saturday is open for a whole week where we share:

  • the vintage/antique items handed down or we “rescue” from garage sales and thrift stores so they don’t end up in a trash bin
  • items we’ve upcycled instead of throwing them away
  • items we’ve repaired in a transformative way to make them more beautiful or cooler than before
  • process or tutorials on how we upcycled or repaired something to make something new, more beautiful, or cooler
  • the main idea is showing how we treasure or reuse or creatively transform things that have some history to them, may be a bit worn but nevertheless are still useful/beautiful and often have character.


If you’d like to join in and showcase some of your antique, or rescued, re-purposed items, just click the above link. 🙂


These little pitchers belonged to my granny.

The first two are for holding cream, and the last little one is just for admiring.

My granny had a big collection of all kinds of pitchers. I guess she just liked them, and we always knew what to get her for birthdays and Christmas…another pitcher. I don’t know what happened to them all, except these ones that I have. Every time I use them I think of her.

I do use the cream pitchers, but just for water. I keep them by the kitchen sink and use them to water my plants that are on the window sill.

The first one is probably from a dishware set. It is white, with dark green around the rim, and a white flower with green leaves on the side. There are no markings at all on the bottom, and it is pretty old…as it is stained and the glass is crazed.

The second one is yellow, and is also old, discolored, and crazed. No markings on this one, either.

The third small decorative pitcher is white, with a raised sculpted pink rose with green leaves. There is a bit of gold paint on the rim and the handle. There was a little tag on the side of it that says ‘floral satin – by en sco’. On the bottom is a price tag of ten cents. This one has been broken a little – I need to glue it. It is about 3 inches tall, and is shaped like an old fashioned pitcher used with a washbowl.



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