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A to Z BLOG CHALLENGE 2016 – LETTER G 4bd62ad9-ea74-4273-967b-7c426c911c61 IMG_2344

Today we have the letter G to write something about.

I probably could have said a lot about Ghosts, but I talk about them all the time. I have something else in mind. Hope you enjoy! 🙂


Mostly, I was thinking about songs from the 60s and 70s that start with the letter G. There are lots of them that we used to sing along to back then. Here’s a small list of some…

  1. “Give Me That Old Time Rock and Roll” by Bob Seger (1979)
  2. “Gloria” by Them (1964)
  3. “Green-Eyed Lady” by Sugarloaf (1970)
  4. “Groovin'” by the Young Rascals (1967)


And now, I’d like to introduce a new member of the Mystery Box Chickens group…Meet Grab Bag Giraffe! You’ll see him around from time to time. 🙂


Mystery Box Chickens with Grab Bag


Giraffe joins the chickens!


A few facts about giraffes are…

  1. They are the tallest animal
  2. Giraffes and humans have interacted for millennia
  3. Salvadore Dali painted them in his surrealist art
  4. They’ve been painted and drawn on rock walls, called petroglyphs
  5. In the year 1414, a giraffe was taken to the Ming Dynasty Zoo, by explorer Zheng He
  6. A giraffe named ‘Sophie’ is a cute toy baby teether these days
  7. Toys ‘R’ Us has a giraffe mascot named Geoffrey

Giraffes are pretty cool animals…one of my favorites! 🙂

We’ll see what he has in his grab bag for tomorrow, too!


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