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Speaking of Spiders – A to Z Blog Challenge 2019 – Letter S


Speaking of Spiders – A to Z Blog Challenge 2019 – Letter S



Mystery Box Chickens say, “Watch out for the web.”



Picture this…Your antagonist is staring at you with his four eyes. He waves his eight legs around, maybe scuttling back and forth. He has fangs that can inject venom. He can jump up to 50 times his body length. The female of some species of this adversary eat the male, after mating. He is a predator in every sense of the word.

However, you are a giant. You tower over your enemy. You have weapons of mass destruction near at hand. You have the advantage in this battle. What are you going to do? If you are like most people, you run screaming out of sight of your enemy.

This sounds like a good beginning to a horror movie, and the movie industry has taken full advantage over people’s fear of spiders. Arachnophobia…the abnormal fear of spiders, is a well know fact. The movies go to great lengths to perpetuate the notion that spiders are evil, bad guys, who are all out to get us humans. I love a good horror movie or book, even about spiders, but a real live spider is not evil at all. He is not going to come after you. If he is cornered, he will put up a defense, but mostly they just want to get away from us. And they have good reason to fear humans. We tend to stomp on them, or smash them, or spray them with deadly chemicals. We are the bullys, not the spiders.

In fact, spiders are very beneficial. They eat insects that are harmful, like mosquitos and flies. They spin beautiful, strong, silk webs with their spinnerets, that even medical and science are researching for their strength.

There are a few spiders that do deserve their scary reputation. The brown recluse, the black widow, and the funnel web spider. Their venom is powerful, but they do not bite unless surprised, disturbed, or attacked.

I like spiders. Granted, I don’t want to get bitten by one, but I won’t kill one, either. I don’t go screaming in fright. I look at them, I talk to them, I move most of them back outside, if they’ve gotten into the house. I’ve even named a few…like “Little Feller”.

He was a fairly small one, who lived in my bedroom for a long time. His little web was on a book shelf. I’d walk by and ask how he was doing. Then, one day we were taking down the shelf for some reason, so I carefully took Little Feller outside to seek his fortune elsewhere. I kind of miss him.

The picture below, is one I took of a nice spider I saw in my bathroom one day. He sat on his perch and watched me put hair coloring on my hair. We had a nice visit. I guess he was interested in the process. Afterward, I scooped him up in a cup, and relocated him outside. I wonder what he told his friends about the crazy woman who talked to him?


Oh, the other night I woke up because I felt something crawling up in my sleeve. I got up to see what it was, and it was a medium sized spider! I brushed it off, but didn’t see where it went.


Did you know that spider’s eyes glow in the dark? It’s really cool to see them. If you’d like to know how, here’s a link that explains it.



Hope you enjoyed reading about spiders!


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