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Lizards – NanoPoblano – Day 21


NanoPoblano – Day 21



Today we were at the Dairy Queen restaurant at lunch time. I noticed the sign out front, and from where I was sitting I could only see part of it. It was advertising the Blizzard, which is a very thick ice cream treat.

Well, the part I could see only said ‘Lizzard’, as the ‘B’ was blocked from my view. It struck me funny, saying to get an original ‘lizzard’ meal.

So, I got to thinking…how do you spell ‘lizard’? Is it with one letter z or two? It turns out it is with only one letter z. Why? It seems as though they short-changed the little lizards of the world, by only granting them one letter z. Lots of other words have two, such as the Blizzard treat, a real weather blizzard, and even a chicken has two in their gizzards.

I say we should give the lizards another letter z.

And, as Little Orphan Annie said, “Leapin’ Lizards!”


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