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CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN # 16 – WRAPPING PRESENTS megans-christmas-countdown



This day’s topic is about wrapping presents.

I do like wrapping presents at Christmas time. There’s so many pretty papers and gift bags to choose from. I used to get really fancy in decorating the packages, but not so much any more. I still enjoy it, but it is tiring if you have a lot of them to get done. These days we don’t really have so many gifts to give out, so it would seem I have more time to fancy them up. I just don’t. It’s lucky if I get them wrapped at the last minute, or just use a pretty bag. We even got to where we don’t use as many ribbons, either, because the cats would want to chew them off. I never liked the plastic bows and ribbons, so mostly either used, twine, yarn, or fabric ribbons.

You can find some good sales on Christmas papers, bags, and ribbons, after the holidays are over. I’ve done that before, but then finding a place to store it for the year is sometimes a problem. Also, forgetting you did that, and buying a bunch more, has happened a lot, too!

One of my favorite wrappings is just brown craft paper, tied with twine. I like to sometimes tie on a candy cane, small ornament, or jingle bells with the ribbon, or string. One year I did all my gift packages like that. I also tied on beads and feathers. I liked how they turned out.

Do you like to do the wrapping of gifts, or rather just let someone else do it? Do you like to make the packages unique and outrageous sometimes? It’s fun to try different things. 🙂


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The prompt for this day was to be about Pantomimes. We were asked if we attend and enjoy these. Being that I had no idea what they were, I had to look up the meaning. I found out that they are a traditional British theater play, for children, and adults entertainment. The audience is able to participate by singing songs, and making comments to the actors. It sounds like a fun thing to do. Here’s a link to a more detailed description of the Pantomime.





Now, what to say about Christmas presents? We all know what they are…gifts given and received, usually wrapped in pretty papers and bows, and placed under the Christmas tree, to be opened on either Christmas Eve, or Christmas morning.

Some people celebrate Christmas this way, while others do not. In our family, we did. We would open one small gift on Christmas Eve night, then the rest of them on Christmas morning. We also had gifts (that were not wrapped) left under the tree, by Santa Claus.

I used to get all elaborate with the gift box decorating, making my own creations, trying to be clever about it, and being all fancy with the wrapping. Later on, I didn’t do that as much, and just used regular Christmas themed papers, and pre-made bows. Now, it’s a good day, if I get any wrapping done at the last minute.

Some of the department store gift wrapping services, are convenient. I find a lot of the wrappings just too pretty, and I hate to tear it up when opening the gift. My favorite kind of wrapping, which I’ve done quite a lot, is just plain brown craft paper, tied with twine, or jute. You know, like the song from the movie, “The Sound of Music”. 🙂


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