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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Cameras/Photographers


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Cameras/Photographers CFFC

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Any kind of camera or photographer


Here are some of my cameras. I only use the blue one on the bottom right, any more. I don’t remember having a photo of me taking a picture with a camera, or anyone else, for that matter. The silver one (middle left) I guess is still working, but I got weird vibes from it. I think my house ghost didn’t like me using it, or something, because it would snatch all the energy from the batteries as soon as I put new ones in. I tried over and over with brand new batteries, and every time, they would be immediately be drained. The Minolta on the bottom left was my favorite, but it quit working, and I couldn’t find anyone who could repair it. Now, I mostly just use my phone camera. 🙂


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31 Days of Halloween – October 2nd 2017 – Ghost


31 Days of Halloween –  October 2 2017 – Ghost

JNW’s Halloween Challenge

This Week’s Challenges: October 1 – 7 (OWPC, WW, JHC)

This is a fun Halloween challenge! Thanks, Jennifer!

To see details of how you, too, can join in, just click the above links 🙂




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Here are the fill-ins:

1. The most interesting museum I have been to is _____________.

I’ve been to several interesting museums. Here in town we have the Museum of Texas Tech University, The National Ranching Heritage Museum, and the Buddy Holly Museum. I’ve also been to the Union Station Railway Museum, in Kansas City, MO, and the Dachau, Germany Museum.

2. The most interesting historical place I have been to is _______________.

Besides the Dachau, Germany Museum, which is the site of the Nazi concentration camp, I’ve been to the historical site of Geronimo’s grave, in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. I’ve also seen the gravesite of Billy the Kid, in New Mexico, and the gravesite of Buddy Holly.

3. ___________________ is back!

Spring is back. Yay!

4. I was surprised ___________________.

I was surprised when my missing jigsaw puzzle piece was returned. The ghost had it for awhile, then traded it back to me for a cat toy of Cricket’s.


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Toy Ghost

Puzzle piece that was missing – now found

So, most of you know I love talking about ghosts, and writing about my true ghost stories. Well, my resident ghost has been up to silly tricks again. Ghost likes to take things for awhile, then gives them back. There’s been lots of incidents like this in the past. Most of these are just harmless things to take notice of, or be annoyed by them.

This latest one is of the ‘scratch your head – why’ variety. Here’s the scene:

The living room – we find that a cat toy is missing. This is a cotton-stuffed, fabric toy that I made myself, which we roll in catnip every few days. It is Cricket’s favorite toy. She can lick it, roll on it, kick it, and go to kitty dreamland hugging it. It is always on the little extra couch we have in here, and is never moved from there. She doesn’t ever move it. Now, it is gone. Just gone. We’ve looked under the couch, under the blankets and pillows, on the floor, and in every room in the house, just to make sure. It is gone. It’s been missing for at least a week or so. She has other catnip toys, but you can tell that for her, it’s just not the same. (sigh)

The kitchen – yesterday we find a jigsaw puzzle piece in the floor. There’s nothing strange about that, as I’ve been working the puzzles for months, now, and sometimes a piece falls on the floor. I pick it up right away.This puzzle piece, however, is the one piece that was missing from the puzzle I told you about awhile back…the one of the Sugar Skull. It was a brand new puzzle, but this piece came up missing. I’ve worked at least 4 other puzzles since finishing that one. There weren’t any missing pieces of those, and no extra ones either.

We’ve walked through the kitchen probably a million times, and had not seen this one piece just laying there in the middle of the floor. It would have been impossible not to notice it. But…yesterday, there it was, just as if it wanted us to notice it. I was like, how can this be? It’s been missing the whole time, and now, here it is! Then, I remembered…our Ghost. Um-hmm, go figure.

Missing cat toy = take away

Find missing puzzle piece = give something back to us.

Maybe one of these days Ghost will give back the cat toy…but, what will Ghost take away next?

*** I would show you a photo of the missing cat toy, but it’s gone missing!

Cricket wants her toy back


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Color Your World – Aquamarine


aquamarine img_1321 img_1311 img_1308 img_1320



Who would I be, if not me anymore

Stripped of my being, right down to the core

I’ll open tomorrow with an arrhythmic swallow

Banish the sad, the tepid, and follow

For awhile, for a season, on the calendar year

An affirmation that I hold dear

With a flourish, a shout, a cursive flair

I’ll be the Ghost, I’ll still be there

Myself as myself, there are no lies

I am the Ghost with Aquamarine Eyes.


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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Good and Bad


For this challenge we are to find something showing good and bad. Here we have a good clear photo of my toy ghost, and a photo of the same ghost toy that turned out bad. Well, it was a photo mistake, I guess. I have no idea why it turned out like this, but I really like the effect that showed up. I was using my phone camera. Next we have a devil and an angel, and then two cats having a showdown. Good cat vs. bad cat? Who knows, but I think all cats are good, even if they do have a disagreement! 🙂

img_3809  img_5056-1 img_4269 IMG_1396 img_5067


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Why can’t you see me?

I never planned on being a Ghost…a Ghost of myself.

Flitting around you, I beg for attention…validation…

I am me…a Soul in transition…pain…

Why won’t you see me? I am here beside you.

You look right through me…like I’m not real.

It’s so hard…so hard…I want to be heard.

I need to know you still think of me…still love me.

I am transformed…not gone, not forgotten, not dismissed or diminished as

A strange sound, a confusing coincident of you know-not-what.

I don’t mean to scare you. Please feel no fear. I need your warmth…your love.

I ache to be near you.

Am I the cold chill you feel when I reach out to touch you?

Yes, it’s me.

Am I the wisp of mist you think you see, from the corner of your eye?

Yes, it’s me

Am I the moaning sound you think is the wind through the cracks?

Yes, it’s me.

I’m screaming out to you. I have been here all along.

I have not forgotten you. I give you signs…

Give me a sign that you still care…that you recognize that sudden small flash of memory.

Yes, it’s me, recognizing you in that moment.

I had to leave this life, this mortal realm.

It wasn’t my choice, you see. Please believe me…believe in me,

As I am still here with you…as I am.

I live in your heart, in your thoughts…I am still me, loving you, with all my Soul.

Am I the silence, when you sense that you’re being watched…yes, it’s me…I am near.

Yes, it’s me…still loving you with all my Soul…I am me…

I am the Ghost beside you…





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