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3 IN 1 CHALLENGE – January 4th


3 IN 1 CHALLENGE – January 4th

Today I’ve combined 3 different blog challenges into one poem. It did take awhile to figure out how to get all the requirements to work together.

The 3 pages can be found by clicking each one.





For Color Your World, the prompt color is Aquamarine

For Poets on the Page, we were asked to imagine if you were not yourself, to drop all pretenses, to be your authentic self

For Mindlovemiserysmenagerie, prompt # 92, is a Wordle, which is to take a list of given words, use 10 of them, to write a poem or story using these words. The words to choose from were… punitive, tepid, calendar, season, sad, arrhythmic, cursive, tomorrow, swallow, aquamarine, affirmation, pulchritude…

Thank you to the hosts of these three blog challenges, for keeping things fun and interesting 🙂



Who would I be, if not me anymore

Stripped of my being, right down to the core

I’ll open tomorrow with an arrhythmic swallow

Banish the sad, the tepid, and follow

For awhile, for a season, on the calendar year

An affirmation that I hold dear

With a flourish, a shout, a cursive flair

I’ll be the Ghost, I’ll still be there

Myself as myself, there are no lies

I am the Ghost with Aquamarine Eyes.


© 2016 BS


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