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Back Where I Come From – Day 21


Back Where I Come From – Day 21



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Question # 21

21. Were there any flowers growing in your yard back home? What kind? Were you or your parents good gardeners?


My Answer:

We always had flowers growing in the front yard and the back yard. My mom was very good at growing things (not like me), so whatever she planted did real well. I can’t remember all the kinds that were out there, but I know there were beautiful irises and chrysanthemums, and carnations. Larkspurs, morning glories, and trumpet vines were some of my favorites that grew out there, too.

Wherever she went, she’d find some seeds from some plant or other, bring them home, and plant them. This was for flowers and trees.

There was a big garden area out back, with lots of tomatoes, carrots, peas, beans, okra, and sometimes corn. My dad did some organic gardening, and sometimes grew vegetables, and also flowers in bales of hay. Looked weird, but they did good. Well, I could name off pretty much any flower and vegetable, and it would be grown out there.

They didn’t have a rototiller, so had to do it all by shovel, to get the garden ready each year. One time my mom got my boyfriend (now husband) to dig it up. 🙂

One year, right before a hard freeze, I went out there and gathered up all the still green tomatoes from the vines. We wrapped them in newspapers, put them in the cellar for the winter, and they ripened a little at a time. We had fresh tomatoes all winter long.

I sure wish I had a green thumb, but guess I didn’t inherit that bit of talent.


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Have you heard of Fairy Houses? They are fun to make. People put them in their gardens or by a tree, and hope that a fairy will take up residence. I’ve heard that if you have a fairy living in the house, she will bring good luck to you.

The houses are usually small, using elements of wood, leaves, flowers, vines, rocks, and moss…or whatever earthy type materials you’d like. Shells can be incorporated to indicate a water feature.

Decorating the house is a lot of fun. Use your imagination to create something simple or fanciful, out of found, or purchased items. For mine, I used things I found around the house and yard. I used some old jewelry pieces for a bit of sparkle, some beads, marbles, and twigs, and painted the wooden frame. I’d found the wood piece at a yard sale. Use as many (or few) embellishments as you’d like, until you have it like you want it. Then place the house somewhere in your yard. (actually I did not do this…I didn’t want it to get ruined by the weather…so, it is sitting with my houseplants!) 

Now, whether you really believe there are fairies or not, the fairy house makes for some creative fun for you to try!


Update: I wrote this as a piece for the A to Z Blog Challenge back in 2014. I’ve made a Fairy Garden, also, just in the past couple of weeks. I think it turned out pretty cute. My grand-son was visiting, and the ‘fairies and gnomes’ left him an envelope with a bit of money in it every morning. He was so excited to go outside and find it. I’m pretty sure he knows it is us playing the role of the fairies and gnomes, but he is smart. He won’t ruin the chance to cash in, by admitting he knows. haha!

Here’s a photo of the most recent one.



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