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Funny & Found – aw aw aw aw Stupid


Funny & Found -aw aw aw aw Stupid


I’m forever buying used notebooks, diaries, scrapbooks, yearbooks, and finding fun things in them.  I also find other things that are funny, or it’s funny where I find them.

I find people’s discarded grocery lists, too, along with whole photo albums, cards and letters.

I just like finding things like these, because I try to imagine who wrote them, why something was discarded, and what the people’s stories are.

So, I’ll post a few of these from time to time.


You can click photo to enlarge:

Here’s a page from a little used notebook that I bought at a yard sale. I’m sure it belonged to a kid. They didn’t write much in it, though.

This one was in a lilac and light blue notebook with flowers on it. The page is lined, and a big red letter W was scribbled on it, with the word ‘stupid’. The only writing in ink was the top line saying, ‘aw aw aw aw aw aw’.

aw aw aw aw Stupid

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