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Color Your World – Antique Brass


Color Your World – Antique Brass antique brass color your world photo challenge badge



Antique Brass Photos:

  • My drawing/lettering of Antique Brass
  • Antique Brass Crayola
  • Two Brass Frogs
  • Antique Brass color information (introduced in 1949 & is in the Brown Family
  • Butterfly wall decor (gold-ish brown – it’s tin, but looks brass to me.)



Not sure if any of these are made of brass, but we’ll say they are. We have a cat, a topper for a lamp, a door knob, and a real antique dresser with drawer pull.

img_5021 img_5023 img_5024 img_5020




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January Squares Day # 16 – Up – Frog Couple


January Squares Day # 16 – Up – Frog Couple


Squares Logo

It is time to curl up!

This is a month long challenge, hosted by Becky of “The Life of B”.

This month’s theme is Up – and here is where you find the main details https://beckybofwinchester.com/square-daily-photo-challenge/
The most important rule of this challenge is that your photo Must be Square!

To join in, find out the details, and see other entries, just click the above link. It’s fun! 🙂


I’ll also be adding a song to go along with the photo in one way or another.



Here are a cute couple of ceramic frogs sitting on a pink lily pad. They actually are salt & pepper shakers I have.



“Two Is a Couple”, by Ike and Tina Turner



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Color Your World – Gold


Color Your World – Gold

Color your World: Gold


Today’s CYW has the color gold as the topic. Thanks, Jennifer (of Tourmaline) for hosting this fun colorful challenge.


The photos show:

  • Gold Maneki-Neko good luck cat – Japanese good luck cat has one paw raised & pink ears
  • Large black & gold high school homecoming mum corsage (large white flower with black & gold streamer ribbons)
  • Our 50th Golden Anniversary cards (a green/yellow poinsettia flower, too)
  • White artificial rose blossom outlined in gold glitter inside a water globe
  • Gold Crayola Crayon
  • Cans of Rockstar energy drink have large gold star
  • Crayola Gold facts = Hue family is brown, introduced in 1949
  • My art – colored gold square with gold word in black inside & dots all around




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GUARDIANSfrogs 022

We are old

We are wise

We have been here from the beginning of days

We will be here at the end of days

We are all knowing

We are all seeing

We hold the knowledge of the universe in our souls

We are your guardians…

We are your friend

We are your enemy

We are your nightmare

We are your wildest dream come true…

We will consume you

We will spit you out

We are your everything

We are your nothingness…

We own you

We spend you

We love you

We despise you…

We will reward you with riches untold

We will destroy all you hold dear

We will shower you with refreshing rain

We will scorch you

We don’t care…

We know you

We adore you

We hate you

We will live on within you

We course through your veins

We commandeer your brain…

We give your life purpose

We shatter your ego

We exalt your spirit

We plunge you into despair…

We laugh at your hopes

We scorn your paltry efforts

We shine the light of love upon you

We call forth the abyss of darkness to envelop you

We cause you to break apart

We cause you to fracture into a million shards of humanity…

We forgive you

We build you up

We promise you

We give you strength…

We are watching you

We are waiting to obliterate you

We cause your death

We rejoice at your rebirth

We are your reality and reason

We are your insanity…

We are your infinity

We are your yin/yang

We are life

We are all knowing

We are old

We are wise

We are your Guardians always and forever…


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