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FRIENDLY FILL-INS #64 – 7/28/17


FRIENDLY FILL-INS # 64 – 7/28/17




1. As a child, my favorite playground activity was _______________________.

2. For breakfast, I have ___________________.

3. An instrument I would like to play is                        .

4. I always try to                          , because                       .
  1. My favorite playground activity? We never went to any playgrounds, unless you mean at elementary schools. In that case, I liked the days we had free play, where we could run around doing whatever we wanted. Mostly a group of us would play/pretend we were the characters from a TV show. I would say that was probably “Bonanza”, as that was popular back then, and we all watched it. Any other scheduled type things we had to do, such as softball, or…well, I can’t remember what else, but I never liked those days. I was never picked for a team, was just an afterthought because I was there. I was no good at any sport, and didn’t like them anyway, so it didn’t bother me. Our school didn’t have any playground equipment, whatsoever. It was just a large empty lot, with dried out grass, and no trees.
  2. For breakfast I have …some days just cereal and fruit. Other days would be bacon, eggs, & toast. If we get really industrious there may be biscuits and gravy. Occasionally we have pancakes.
  3. An instrument I would like to play is, the guitar. I have one, but haven’t practiced in a long time.
  4. I always try to …answer the comments I get on my blog, because I feel it is rude not to answer a person back, when they’ve taken the time to comment. I probably miss some, as I scroll through my notices, but it isn’t intentional. Sorry, if I’ve missed any of yours, or that it takes me awhile to get to them. I do appreciate each and every one. 🙂


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