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Here are the fill-ins:

1. My favorite cereal is _____________________________.

I like a lot of cereals, but mostly Crispix and Rice Chex. That’s what I usually buy for myself. That is for the cold type cereal. For hot cereal, I really like grits, and oatmeal. You know on the cereal boxes they have some sort of extra thing, like enter to win some contest? Well, I never entered one, but I did happen to get a box of Crispix, and inside was a notice that I’d won! It was a special promotion I guess. Anyway, what I won was a Microsoft Surface iPad. How cool is that? 🙂

2. My prom ___________________________________________.

I only went to my Jr. prom. I was on the planning/decorating committee, so we got to say how it would all look, plus decorating the place where it was held. I think it was at the American Legion Hall here in town. The theme was La’mour est Bleu, and it turned out really good. I didn’t like my prom photo though. I didn’t go to the Sr. prom. Some silly rule about no one could come unless they were enrolled in our school. My boyfriend/now husband wasn’t in school anymore, so we didn’t get to go. Bah!

Here’s some photos and the theme song for our prom.


3. The _________ thing about __________ is ___________.

The ‘best’ thing about ‘yard sales/flea markets’ is ‘never knowing what you will find, and then coming across something that is the best thing ever! haha. I love finding those treasures (to me). One of the best finds I found were these really old, dare I say vintage, scrapbooks. There were 12 of them, they were huge, and they were stuffed full of cards, letters, & photos. And…each only cost one dollar! We crammed them all into a little car, and took up all the room, but we kept going to the sales. 🙂


4. I cannot help _____________, but __________________.

I cannot help ‘myself’, but ‘I have to look up at the stars every night’. Ever since I was little I’ve done this, dreaming of other worlds, aliens, UFOs. There is something about the night sky that just draws me to it. My family jokes that maybe I am an alien, and someday my ‘real’ family will come back for me! haha


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