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SOUL SHAKING SPRING tornado-572504__180

Buck up Buttercup

Only the strong survive

Twistering winds, wind up in spring

Testing tender flower-lings

What devils of dust

We think they must

Swirl across fields of new greens

Sirens split the foreshadowing air

Tornados don’t care if we

Live or die

They go on by

Swallowing up spring

Making hailstones and hearty

Flooding rains…

Gully washers – toad soakers…

Sucking up all in it’s path with

It’s writhing wrath

Nature’s force five on land

Re-arranging lives willy nilly

Hopping, skipping, jumping into spring

Eating up everything

Night-time? Fraught with fear

Candles kept near, for darkness descends

While the train roars it’s sheer terror to one and all

Pick up the pieces, ye of all species, while little shoots

Poke up for clear air…brown Earth needed rain, but

Not all the pain

Of little ones Lost…

So buck up buttercup

You’re lucky you’re still here…

In this Soul Shaking Spring of the year


© 2016 BS


Written for Prompt Nights – “Spring is the time of land’s awakening” (11)


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Today’s suggested poetry form was the Paradelle. I was hoping for something easier, and this one has so many rules and complicated structures, I just can’t manage it today. It does look interesting and fun to do, so will try it another day. 🙂

For today, though, I am posting the very same poem I posted for OctPoWriMo last year… 2014. I wrote it on December 29, 2006. I don’t know what form it is, I just made it up. Maybe it’s just free verse, with some rhymes. 😉



If we lived in the woods,

What would we do?

Watch out for wolves,

And practice “Hoo-Doo”.

If we lived in the woods,

It would never be dull.

We would pick mushrooms and

Light up the Skull.

If we lived in the woods,

We would not have a phone.

We could bake a cake, and

Visit the Crone.

If we lived in the woods,

We would have to be focused.

We’d have to watch out for

Bats and the Locusts.

If we lived in the woods,

We’d light a candle.

It would never be too much

To Handle.

If we lived in the woods,

We’d sit and converse,

With the flora and fauna, and

Things of the Earth.

If we lived in the woods,

We’d chant and invoke,

Spirits of those of whom

Time Never Spoke.

If we lived in the woods,

We’d never be sad.

The rest of the world will

Call us Mad.

If we lived in the woods,

We’d play ‘neath the pines.

We’d make our peace with the

Spooks and the Signs.

If we lived in the woods,

We would howl at the Moon,

And dance in it’s light

From August till June.

If we lived in the woods…

If we lived in the woods…


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© 2015 BS



OctPoWriMo…October Poetry Writing Month… http://octpowrimo.com

POEM # 30



The day before tomorrow…is today…

Your mask of anticipation builds.

Excitement electrifies the air.

What will you be?

What have you been before?

Your inside self begs to come out.

Today, your tomorrow will be revealed.

Think of it…

Why do you want to be another,

Or, do both of you reside inside together?

One day to be the other.

Let it be known…

Your true self – your alter ego –

Will come forth.

A subconscious serenade to

What could have been.

You put on your Halloween masquerade of reality…

It hides nothing…It shows everything.

Your true identity is loosed into the here and now.

One night to reveal…One night to peel away

At your brick walls of respectability.

Go forth in your splendor…fooling no one.

Your psyche revels in it’s one night to be true.

Don’t be frightened, it’s only you…

Your innate personality shows you the way.

This one night to surface. They’ll understand.

You’ll squelch, and hide, and deceive yourself.

When the revelry is over, the night turns to normalcy and,

You’ll be the deceiver of your soul again.

Hiding away your alter ego for another night like this…

A future into what future may come.

You quiet your soul’s yearning for release from polite restraints.

Your wild wants out…it wants to take over.

Society would frown, and put you down…

You must fit in, you’re required to blend…

Until this one night – Halloween Night –

When your mask shows truly what you’ve been.


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