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Flashback Friday – Abandoned


Flashback Friday – Abandoned


Fandango’s Friday Flashback — November 15


Flashback Friday is a look back at some older posts of ours. To find more details, click the above link.


This is a post I had on September 10, 2015. I think it was a writing assignment called, ‘Writing 101 – Photograph Inspiration’. We were to look at the provided photo, and write something about it. Here’s what I wrote, and it had a few views and likes (maybe 5?) Anyway, here it is again – enjoy! 🙂



Today, the 4th assignment, we were shown 4 pictures, all interesting. We were to pick one to write whatever we wanted to about the picture, in whatever style you wanted. Here is my interpretation of this picture, in a short fiction piece.


The late summer’s, afternoon sun has made the attic room at the top of the stairs unbearably hot. I’m already sweating from climbing the rickety, wooden stairs…upward into that sauna of an attic room.

Pausing in the doorway, I take a long look around. There’s nothing much to see…an unadorned window, framed in weathered wood, the slanted wall boards, giving this area of the room a tri-angular shape.

There is no hint in daylight of what is to come at nightfall.

I make my way back down the narrow stairway, taking note of the steps that creak. I must remember not to step on them later. The house is over a hundred years old…now abandoned in it’s declining years. There are spider webs in the shadowy corners, and dust particles make me sneeze. I must remember to wear a mask, when I return.

Sweat now trickles down my forehead, and my t-shirt is soaked. There are signs of mice living here…the only living creatures, besides the spiders, to call this place their home. I hear a skittering behind a wall, and smile. I’m not afraid of the mice. They’ll keep me company tonight, as I search for the abandoned souls of the dead.

For I am a ghost hunter…this is what I do.


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