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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Mar. 4/17


The prompt word of the day is, ‘project’. We can use it any way we want. To join in the fun, and see other entries, click the above link.



The photo above is of my film projector, my super 8 movie camera, and some old reels of horror movies. I found the reels at a yard sale years ago. I used the camera quite a bit back when the kids were little, and still have all the reels of film. I haven’t looked at them in a long time, though. I should once in awhile. I don’t know if they even have film for the old camera any more. Could be people wouldn’t even know what you do with such an old style camera and projector.

It was a big deal when my parents took home movie film, when my sister and I were kids. If we were indoors, they had these huge flood lights to hook onto the camera. Then, when the film had been sent off and processed, we’d have a movie showing night in the living room. They had an actual screen to put up, so we could see better. For ours, we just showed them on a blank, white wall, which was good enough.

When we were in school, it was a wonderful day, when the teacher would say we could watch some film in the classroom. The audio/visual people would come set up the projector and reel of film. Mostly, the films were educational of something we’d been studying, and in black and white. It was neat, though, to pull down the window blinds, turn off the lights, and get to watch it for a little while. It made a nice break from our usual school days.

Did any of you have your own movie camera and projector? Do you remember the films they showed at school?:)

*** click the photo to enlarge … see the old movie films!


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