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Fibbing Friday – Mixed Bag Q & A


Fibbing Friday – Mixed Bag Q & A

These are fun questions we’re supposed to answer in any kind of silly, wrong, or outrageous ways. Just for fun!



1. What’s a cyclops? *** A clop is a sound a horse makes when he is walking. There once was a horse named Cy, and he did a lot of clopping, so they named it after him.

2. What’s next in this sequence? Y, G, B, B,  *** There was a chain of variety stores called T. G. & Y, a long time ago. They’ve since gone out of business, so the B B means Bye-Bye.

3. Patty has 4 apples and Pete pinched a pair. What do Patty and Pete have now? *** Bruised cheeks. This sounds like a math puzzle – I don’t do math puzzles.

4. How would an alien describe sheep? *** Fluffy clouds on the ground.

5. What is Fool’s Gold? *** It’s a crayon. The color is gold, but it will fool you by turning another color without notice.

6. Ginger, Scary, Posh, Sporty and Baby were the original Spice Girls. If you were to audition to be a sixth Spice, what would you be and why? Guys you can answer this one too! *** I’d be Spirit Spice – I’d bring a lot of spirit to the group, and if it bombed, I’d disappear since I’m a ghost.

7. Why are traditional teapots brown? *** Because if you turn the word around to ‘pot-tea’ you’ll know why. Nobody wants to see those kinds of stains.

8. What are the Winds of Change? *** Zephyrs – they swirl around leaving magic in their wake.

9. What is an amaryllis? *** A girl who lives in Amarillo TX is known as an amayrllis.

10. What are blues and twos? *** The sounds that shoes make – a squeaky, yet mournful sound.


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