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Fibbing Friday – Bogus Books


Fibbing Friday – Bogus Books

These are fun questions we’re supposed to answer in any kind of silly, wrong, or outrageous ways. Just for fun!

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This is a bit different Fibbing Friday.

Di, our hostess this week says:

Below are 10 titles and authors, all of which are fictitious, so fibs to start with
This week I’m asking you to do a cover blurb in a few sentences …


And here we go … 🙂


The Missing Tent by Seymour Skye … You’ll gasp in wonder at this true tale of camping misadventures. The author and his family, out for a fun weekend in the Piney Woods of East Texas, have a close encounter when a UFO sucks up their tent and flies away with it.

2. Making the Most of Bread by Roland Pickles  … Autobiography by founding member of the rock band, Bread. He recounts the trials and tribulations of performing and touring the country with his band members. You will go behind the scenes with promoters, roadies, fans, and groupies they meet along the way. Photos included.

3. Living on a Budget by M T Wallit  … This self help book details the ins and outs of making the most of living within a budget. Testimonies of ten families who cracked the budget conundrum that plagues the middle class working population. Charts included.

4. Wake me at Dawn by Misty Mawning  … Confessions of a former Vampiress, Misty Mawning tells her tale of dark cult possession, and how she escaped into the light. ** caution** not suitable for children.

5. Sing me a Lullaby by Muse Ickles  … You will sing along with these original songs for children of all ages. From soft and tender lullabies, to fun, toe tapping jingles, this songbook includes musical notations for piano and guitar, lyrics, and a double CD. Don’t miss out on this one.

6. Caught in the Act by Robin Banks … A hilarious romp about a gang of three adorable cats who wander the back alleys of New Orleans finest restaurants looking for a handout.

7. The Pensioner Chronicles by Jerry Attrick … The Breakfast Club – Fifty years later – the true tales of  six high school friends who still meet up for breakfast at their favorite hangout.

8. The Scapegoat’s Revenge by Carrie deCan … She was made a fool in school, but now her time has come. This tell all expose will blow your socks off as she reveals truths about her former classmates – now prominent citizens, politicians, and famous personalities. (Unauthorized)

9. Fields of Destiny by Krystal Ball … Before You Go – a manual every person who plans to go parachuting must read. Rules and regulations, waivers, forms, rip cord operation, jump positions and landings all explained.

10. The Long and the Short of It by Cyn Opsiss. … Subscribe to this monthly magazine now! The latest hair styles for men, women, and children shown in full color. Tips for home care of your hair, plus salon recommendations of products. Lots of first person success stories, and even some hair fails are featured.


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