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Feline Friday – Cat in the Window – Floyd


Feline Friday – https://comedy-plus.com/2019/04/12/feline-friday-87/

Cat in the Window


This is for Sandee’s Feline Friday (at Comedy Plus), and also for Judy’s Cat in the Window (at Lifelessons) challenges. You can find more information at the above two links.









This is Floyd. He is an all white kitty, and belongs to my daughter.

Here he is sitting on the table, which is is his favorite looking out the window spot in their kitchen/dining room.


Thanks to my daughter for sharing her photos and telling me more about her wonderful and friendly kitty, Floyd! 😉


Floyd Facts:

He likes cat treat snacks…but only the “Temptations” brand cat nip flavor.

He loves belly rubs, and sleeping on a warm human body.

He likes to sit on the stairs and stare at people in a super creepy manner.

He loves to lay in the sun and stare out the window.

And, he evidently likes to bite toes! 🙂



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