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Creaky floors

Creaky doors

Noisy ghosts abound

Graveyard near

Fuels your fear

Ghosts do swirl around

Skritchy scratch

Unlocked latch

A eerie, ghostly sound

Draw the curtain

Must be certain

Ghosts remain underground

House so creaky

Ghosts so freaky

Try not to come unwound


For dVerse Poets – Quadrille # 43 (write to the prompt word ‘creak’, and use only 44 words)

Quadrille #43

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I didn’t know there’d be colors,

Here in outer space…

I’ve been exiled for so very long,

In this unforgiving place.

I see the flashing red…

A warning light, I fear…

My words are trapped inside my head,

There’s no one that can hear.

The words did put me in this mess…

The words will get me out…

They say that I lie quietly…

Even thought I scream and shout.

I’m not crazy crazy…

But, then how do I know?

I’m incommunicado…

I have no way to show.


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