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A Summer Song – Song Lyric Sunday – Season


A Summer Song – Song Lyric Sunday – Season IMG_1345

Song Lyric Sunday Theme for 12/23/18


Today for SLS, Helen has given us the prompt word ‘season’. Thanks, Helen!


This song doesn’t actually have the word ‘season’ in the lyrics, but it is about the changing seasons. I think it speaks of summer loves, and how some people come into our lives for a short while, a season or so, and then move on. It might have been fate that brought you together, maybe a lesson to be learned at that time, whether of love, of friendship, and even loss when they pass on. I’ve heard it said that everyone you meet has some effect on you, whether good or bad, happy or sad, and it was meant to be that way. Maybe it’s like the butterfly effect. Do you think so, too?


“A Summer Song,” by Chad and Jeremy, was released from the album, “Yesterday’s Gone”, in 1964. It was written by Chad Stewart, Clive Metcalfe, and Keith Noble, and is on the World Artists Records label.



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A cake was baked ’til it was done,

Ingredients were added, one by one.

It may have been Karma, it may have been fate,

But seeds were planted, even as we ate.

Child-birth and re-birth, a lifetime of mirth,

One leads to another, as required on this Earth.

Our Life-cake grows in a myriad of ways,

An unknown destiny sure to amaze.

Baked into being in ’61,

Decades of cakes, decades of fun.

A co-incident, or Karmic fate,

Construct your Life-cake on a sturdy plate.


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Karma or fate? Foreshadowing or co-incident? This is the story of the cake. The first time I ever baked a cake was when I was eleven years old. It was on January 6, 1961 (I wrote it in my diary). Many years later, my daughter was born on a January 6th. So, every January 6th I would have fun baking a cake for her birthday. 🙂


This was written for Sanaa’s Prompt Night. You can find out more by clicking below:

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(I did not use the prompt for JJIJ, which was the word Mendaciloquent , which means an artful storyteller or liar)


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