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Dreamscape Stories # 2


Dreamscape Stories # 2


I was making a scrapbook page, and it was to be about a lady named Dorothy (?).  I wasn’t sure that was even her real name, but it sounded okay. I was thinking it was my Granny’s daughter. I’d only heard about her maybe once before, because she died before I was even born.

I was trying to figure out who she was to me, so I guessed an aunt, because the other daughters were my aunts. My daddy’s sister would be my aunt, right? Anyway, the scrapbook page was pretty.

I had put nylon or chiffon fabric on the top of the page, like a curtain. It was white, or a very light pink. As I was hot gluing the name on the page with colored glue (pink), I kept worrying about the name, and if it was the right one.

Suddenly, there was a lady in the room with me. She looked like a fairy godmother, so I asked her should I put ‘Dorothy – Heaven’ as the title. This was because she’d died a long time ago, and I figured she lived in Heaven now. The fairy godmother lady said it looked good, and besides, it was like the opposite side page in the scrapbook. That was the one I did for the kids, and it’s title was ‘Playground’, and that, to me, meant Heaven. I’d hot glued little flowers on the gathered up curtain fabric, too. I kept trying to get it all to stick.


See you in my dreams? ☮️

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