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Eye Liner – A to Z Blog Challenge 2019 – Letter E


Eye Liner – A to Z Blog Challenge 2019 – Letter E #AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter E



Mystery Box Chickens say “Our writing is Chicken Scratch!”

Blue, green, pink, & yellow fuzzy chickens gathered around pink framed chalkboard. Two chickens are sitting on top of the Mystery Box which is brown & gold


Here’s a fun made-up letter …I didn’t send it!


Dear Make-up Companies,

I love to wear make-up. There, I’ve said it, and lots of women would agree with me, I’m sure.

This letter is just a general observation for you all. I’m not singling any specific one of you out, as for myself, I use make-up products from several companies, every day.

My question is…why do you feel you need to discontinue parts of your product line, from time to time? Let’s take, for example, eye-liners. You develop an awesome eye-liner. It sells all across the U.S. and possibly more countries, around the globe. It has sold very well for years. There is loyalty from the consumers of this particular eye-liner.

Then, one day, it is nowhere to be found; no stores have it for sale, anymore.

Why would you cancel a very popular product? Why would you not even give a warning, that it soon would be gone? Is that any way to treat your customers?

We then have to go through a process of finding another eye-liner that we like. We already know whatever we find, won’t be as good as the old one was. What we do, is buy another one from your product line. We try it…reject it. Then, we buy one from another company…try it, reject it. On and on it goes, until we finally settle for one, because, hey…we ‘need’ some eye-liner.

Then, maybe years later, the original company advertises that they have their awesome eye-liner, again. We get all excited that, yay, our old favorite is back. But, we look at the package. It says ‘new and improved formula’. It promises to be everything the old one was, and more.

So, we buy it, try it, and…what a letdown. It’s not that it’s bad, just different, and not in a good way. It has not been improved at all, and it isn’t the old stand-by, either.

I’m sure there will be plenty of buyers of this ‘new’ one, and possibly will become their favorite. They never used the first one, though.

Meanwhile, we are left disappointed with the quality, and regret all the money we’ve wasted, trying different ones. We even do a small rant, in our minds, every time we put on eye-liner, from whichever company we buy it from. You know how it goes…”Why? Just, why did you do it?”

I’d really like an explanation. Is this the End of the Line?


Looking for Answers


“End of the Line”, by the Traveling Wilburys, was released from their album, “Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1, in 1989. It was written by Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, and Tom Petty, and is on the Wilbury label.




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