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Continuing my list of former jobs, these two were at schools. One was paid, one was not. Guess which one I liked the best. 🙂

I don’t remember which one came first, but they were both in elementary schools, in the late 80s, early 90s. Both of them were in Texas.

The one I got a paycheck from was at Willow Springs Elementary School. I was a teacher’s aid. I’ve never been to school for learning how to teach, so this was just to help out the teachers in the classroom. I had two that I rotated between. One was for pre-kindergarten, the other was 2nd grade.

Some of the duties I had during the day, was to create cute bulletin boards. They were to emphasize whatever the kids were learning about that week. I loved doing these. I also got to help the kids with craft projects, helping them learn to use little scissors, to cut out shapes, and also using glue. One project was gluing those goldfish cheese crackers onto some construction paper to make a fish bowl or something. The thing was, the kids kept eating all the crackers before they could glue any on. That was funny. I got to ask each one about letters, numbers, and colors, to see if they’d learned them yet. In the other 2nd grade class, I got to read stories to them from books. I’d get to take them outside for recess, and supervise the games. Also about once a week I had morning duty on the playground, so had to come in early before school started for that. All this was fun, and the kids were wonderful. 🙂

Then, there was cafeteria duty. Oh, how I hated that part. For some reason the school had strict no talking rules. I mean strict! There would be no talking at all from the kids while they ate their lunches. If one was even suspected of talking to anyone, they were singled out to go stand in front of the room, not finish their lunch, and no playground time after lunch. To me, that seemed horrible! Lunch should be a time to relax, with no stress, for the kids. Quiet talking to their neighboring kids would be fine to me, but this was not allowed. I just hated having to make one get up when they forgot.

Another thing I didn’t like about this place and job was that the faculty of teachers were not nice or friendly at all to me. They were all snooty. They wouldn’t talk in the break room, and looked at me like I was so much beneath them. Finally, I’d had enough, and quit this job.


This other school job I had was a volunteer position. I worked in the school library. I actually can’t remember where this was. I think it may have been in Sinton TX. I sure did enjoy this job. I got to shelve books, and also get new books ready to be checked out, by classifying them, stamping the catalog numbers on them, and helping kids check out books when they came in. I don’t have anything bad to say about this one. The librarian was super nice, and helpful, and even sent me a nice letter after we had to move away, thanking me for working there.

So, these were two different experiences in school jobs I had. Yes, I liked the unpaid job best!


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