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19 miles to Baghdad,

I don’t feel so all alone…

Sometimes I get to talk to you,

Via the video-phone.

19 miles to Baghdad, and

I’m writing you this postcard,

Just to take away the fear…

Actually, it’s not so hard.

19 Miles to Baghdad, and

One thing I’ll never hear,

Is G.I.s writing home to say,

Wish you were here.

19 Miles to Baghdad, and

This I’m proud to say…

We’re over here protecting you all,

in the whole U. S. A.


As blossoms bouquet

A smell of dirty, red wind

Immense bombs stagger






Drizzle a rainbow, shiny and bright

Let us rejoice in that wondrous sight

Drizzle a rainbow, in the bluest of skies

A schmear of colors excite our eyes

Gaze upward, outward, refresh your mind

Drizzle peace and tranquility

Over all mankind

Drizzle a rainbow


For dVerse Poets – Drizzle – Quadrille 44 Words

Thanks, Mish, for hosting.

Quadrille #30


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6:29 a.m.



6:29 a.m.

If I was the me now, back then,

I’d have to remember when you asked for the Skyy

I asked why, and gave you a

Buttered Moon and honey

Just bring lots of quarters for money…

na na na na na … na na na na na

Your Words into a poem, my rose

You’re the light bulb to my verse and prose

Come joyride down our memory’s lane

There’s no one left to blame

na na na na na … na na na na na


***note*** this poem came about from a conversation on Face Book. I had permission to change the words around to form a poem. I do think you can find poetry anywhere you look. The title is taken from the time I was reading the FB comments 🙂


For dVerse Poets Open Link Night # 191

Open Link Night # 191

Thank you for hosting, Gayle


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Giggle me a moonbeam

Right around midnight

Snicker me some fireflies

I promise they won’t bite

Light sparkly fireworks

With a chuckle and a hiss

Whinny at the tree frogs

Then give me a little kiss

Giggle me a midnight

Within the moonbeam’s light



Photo found on Pixabay


for dVerse Poets – Quadrille # 27 (44 words) – Giggle …

Quadrille #27

Thanks De, for the fun prompt!


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Little bath-tub  spider, who lives in the drain,

I didn’t want to shower,and send down the rain

On your head, ’cause then you’d be dead.

I saw you peeking out at me,

Every time I come in to…

P -erhaps you’re content to live in the drain;

An easy escape when you’d dive in again.

But little spider, I’ve watched you grow

Up from a tiny spiderling to a right sized King,

As spiders go, and today you were brave…you didn’t hide

You gave me the chance to give you a ride

Out in the warm, spring-time air,

Maybe you’ll be part of a pair

To congregate, to procreate

Some little spiderlings

I think that’s fair

So, now you see the possibilities

Of living outdoors in the grass and the trees

It’s plain to see, a drain is no place

For a Spider King to embrace.


This is a true story. 🙂


Thanks for hosting, Grace!

for dVerse Poets – Open-Link-Night # 190 https://dversepoets.com/2017/02/23/openlinknight-190/


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Who are you?

I am Ghost Dog

Why are you here?

To protect you

Where are you from?

Beyond the veil

When did you appear?

When the shadows moved

What should I know?

Unseen entities are real

Who sent you here?

Your spirit guide


For dVerse Poets – Quadrille 44 Words – Ghost – https://dversepoets.com/2017/02/13/quadrille-25/

Thanks for hosting the Q44, Kim! Great prompt word! 🙂


The image in the photo just appeared on my computer monitor awhile back. It looks like a dog to me, so that’s what I call it…my Ghost Dog. … I don’t know, exactly when it came, but it is always there. It doesn’t matter how many times I clean the screen, it is still there. Anyway, I thought I’d ask it some questions, just to see what comes into my mind. These words are the result.


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Photo found on Pixabay


U F O, flying high

Took a tumbler from the sky

Tipsy-turvy, cannot go

Crashed down on the rocks below

Chaser tried to find some proof

Shaken alien – it was no spoof


This is for dVerse Poets – Poetics – Muse Mixology … https://dversepoets.com/2017/02/07/dverse-poetics-muse-mixology/

We had a list of drinking/bar associated words to choose from, making our poem any length.Do not make it about the drinking words. If not using words from the list, make your poem only 33 words or less.

Mine was 33 words or less, but I did use words from the list. 🙂

Thanks, De (Whimsygizmo), for hosting!


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This is 'Weena' ...she teleports herself!


“Silly Kitty”

My cat would come a’Kramering

She looked a silly sight

Just like Seinfeld’s friend on

That TV show at night

Her fur would be all poofy

Standing up on end

Her expression was all goofy

Maybe for pretend?

Slipping & sliding on the hardwood floor

She’d come a’Kramering in, right through the door

We’d laugh because she looked a fright,

So again she would run, far out of sight

In no time at all she’d be back for more

A’Kramering through the bedroom door.


for dVerse Poets – Open Link Night … post any poem of your choice. Find out more and join in by clicking this link. https://dversepoets.com/2017/01/26/openlinknight-188/

and for dVerse Poetics – Verbify Me … the creation of a verb from a noun, adjective, or other word. https://dversepoets.com/2017/01/24/verbify-me/

Thanks Grace and Lillian for hosting! 🙂


My word to verbify was ‘Kramer’, who was a character on the television sit-com, “Seinfeld”, and was portrayed by Michael Richards. That program ran from 1989-1998. This word is one we use often, even now.


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“The Voices You Hear”

Breathing softly, coming near

Listen closely, you will hear

Voices of those we hold dear

Whisper, whisper in your ear

Spirits who love you, nothing to fear

Ghostly words from sacred bier

Into our hearts, oh so clear

Whispers surround us

In the atmosphere


Quadrille 44 Words – Whisper

for dVerse Poets https://dversepoets.com/2017/01/16/quadrille-24/


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‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the house

The paper was flying, the place was a mess.

Where’s the ribbon, where’s a box, where’s the tape, I don’t know –

And outside the window, it’s beginning to snow.

When I in my flurry, was running around, remembered “Oh-no, I have to go back to town!”

I have to mail packages, to those far away. How long will it take – a week or three days?

There’s munchies to buy, and a dinner to plan…and what, oh what, can I get for the “man”?

The pets all need feeding, and what could be more? The neighbors are here, with a knock at the door.

They come bringing cheese balls, and cookies galore.

I say thank you, then usher them out. Then I turn around and say with a shout, “I have to make gifts for those on our street!”

But, I’m about to collapse from the heat.

Get up and go, let’s do the day right. Put on some music, and candles to light.

A box of cards, my cup of coffee…should I eat that last piece of toffee?

Christmas ideas are really quite lofty, and really, at heart, I’m such a softie.

I’ll wrap a few gifts, then do some leg lifts; look at the snow – it’s now making drifts.

Put lots of presents in pretty paper, and think up some clues, for a Christmas caper.

Pull on some mittens, put on a scarf. If I hear one more carol, I’m going to barf.

I jump in the truck to go do my shopping; the stores are all crowded…the places are hopping.

On Target, and K-Mart, and Hastings, and Penny’s…Now United and Wal-Mart – can we stop at a Denny’s?

No – get it done – there’s no time to waste…I need to get home…hurry, hurry, make haste.

And then to the wondering eyes of those there, I manage to put some dye on my hair.

Some coffee, some milk, is all that I ask…to put my feet up, before my next task.

To watch my soap opera, would be a nice break. I think I’ll do that, and also eat cake.

I just settled down, and there goes the phone; I, of course don’t answer, I pretend I’m not home.

And now it’s time to do some more wrapping. We’ll put on some music – our feet will be tapping.

Merry Christmas to one, Merry Christmas to all…What’s that you say? Another trip to the mall?

I don’t think I want to…I don’t think I can…but, wait, I still need a gift for the ‘man’.

We must keep it even, we must keep it straight…I need another gift for my mate.

What shall it be, something big, or much smaller? As I walk the halls of the mall, I do holler.

I need to find a gift that is right – before I call it quits for the night.

So, I go to the mall, and the stores…and stand in long lines, before I get out the doors.

The aisles are all crowded, the cart’s in a jam…say “Excuse me, pardon me, excuse me, Ma’am.”

At first, we’re polite, when we go to town, but as frustration mounts, we’ll mow you down.

When there’s only one more shopping day…you better move fast, get outta my way.

Can’t find the right size, can’t find the right gift, then stop by the Starbucks to get a lift.

Give me caffeine right now, I say, got to get on with this frantic day.

Have a nice day, be jolly, be merry…if I hear it again, I’ll commit hara-kiri. It’s my ‘pleasure’ to serve you,

Uh-huh, yeah right…you probably make faces, as I pull out of sight.

Finally, finally get back home, where I just want to sit and moan.

My feet hurt, my back hurts, my nerves are all jangled…and how do you wrap a box that’s tri-angled?

Back at home, I start wrapping, all the critters are napping…

The oven is cooking the breads, how merry, but now I need another cranberry.

Merry Christmas to me…let’s trim the tree…and now the cats are OOC (out of control)

Happy to make your Christmas surprise, waiting for the bread to rise.

Christmas morning comes awfully early; no wonder everyone is so surly.

Buying spending – oh, what fun…we’ll all be glad when shopping is done.

The stockings are ready to hold all the goodies – maybe some candy or nice warm hoodies.

Light candles, fill stockings, with striped candy canes. Look out the window, hope it won’t rain.

Sweep the floor, wash the dishes, deck the halls with Christmas wishes.

There’s potatoes to mash, and take out the trash…as for me, I think I’m about to crash.

Finally, everything looks really pretty, Charlie (the tree) is ready, and still little bitty.

Now, take a picture, and go to our beds. I hope no one forgot to take their meds.

When morning comes, we’ll all get to say…we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Then, I look in the living-room, and what do I see? One of the cats is eating the tree. I holler and yell, but then, what does it

matter…I’ll just have to clean up the mess later.

She enjoys Christmas her way…I prefer mine…

So Merry Christmas to all…from our family to thine.

Just one more thing I’d like to say – Happy Holidays to all and Have a Wonderful Day!



First written on December 20, 2006

A re-posting for Open Link Night at dVerse Poets https://dversepoets.com/2016/12/15/openlinknight-186/


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