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TAPER/TAPIR – for Daily Post


TAPER/TAPIR – for Daily Post




Candles of any type are nice, some of which are called tapers. I have lots of candles of all kinds. Mostly, I forget to ever light them.

The tapir is a funny animal, found in the forests, and jungles of some South American countries. It looks like a pig, with a short trunk, like an elephant, but it is actually related to horses and rhinos.

I remember when I was a kid, I had a series of books, which were like children’s versions of encyclopedias. My parents would buy one every time we went to the grocery store…one of those weekly promotion type things, I suppose. Every week the book would be for different letters. I was always fascinated by the picture of the tapir. 🙂

These days I’m more of a ‘taper’, in that I use lots of tape. Duct tape is my go to fix-it for just about anything. I also use lots of clear type tapes. My way of thinking is if one piece is good, two or more pieces of tape are even better.

Which do you like? The tapers, the tapir, or are you a prolific ‘taper’?


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