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Bird Weekly – Orange or Yellow Legs


Bird Weekly – Orange or Yellow Legs

Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge – Yellow or Orange Legged Birds


A real penguin we saw at the Kansas City Zoo with yellow feet, and a stuffed chicken with yellow feet we saw at the farmer’s market one time.

Last photo is of some brownish ducks, one I’m pretty sure is a Mallard, by a local lake. they all have orange feet. 😉 (you can click on the last photo of the ducks to enlarge)



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Dreamscape Stories # 1


Dreamscape Stories # 1 


The big, white ducks were caterwauling out in the garden, you know, like cats having a fight.

Crumbling whole wheat bread for them to eat, and maybe get them to shut up, I went out there to see what was up.

Being it was late at night, I took the yellow flashlight with me, the one that is possessed. Why I took that one, I don’t know. Strange things happen with that one. It has a way of turning itself on and off by itself.

Come to find out, the ducks didn’t want the bread. They were assembled out there to be first in line for the initiation ceremony I’d planned. I managed to get them settled down, and lined up in a duck row, like they do, and we bobble headed our way out of the garden. And, that was that. Quiet reclaimed the night.

For a fact, I remember turning off the flashlight when we were done with the ceremony. Later, at 11:15 a. m. I found that it had turned itself on, again!


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WEEKLY WEATHER – FLOOD weekly-weather

Weekly Weather: Flood


These photos are from a few years ago. We had so much rain, it flooded the whole city, and they called it the 100 year flood. It is rare we have so much rain at one time here. Our street was taken over by the playa lake we live next to, and was cordoned off for a long time, as the water slowly receded. There were ducks swimming in front of our house, and duck eggs were washed up into the yard. My husband even got interviewed for the newspaper, with a photo in there, too.


img_4426 img_4428 img_4429 img_4427


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Writing 101 – Recreate a Single Daycropped-seal_v2-03

We are to write about what happens in a single day (or hour). It can be fiction, non-fiction, memoir, or whatever you want. This is mine…and it is a true story.



I’ve always been uncoordinated and a bit of a klutz. This day was no exception.

It was in the summertime, and the family was out in the back yard. My dad was doing yard work, and my mom had walked with my aunt to the front yard. My aunt was going home, but they’d stopped to chat a bit longer out by her car.

My sister and I were playing still, in the back. I don’t remember how old I was, but probably before I was 10 years old. We had a couple of pretty white ducks that roamed around the grass, eating weeds, and bugs, and whatever else ducks do. They had a little shed for their shelter, in a corner of the yard. They had both gone in there, because I imagine I was chasing them around to catch one.

I remember crawling on hands and knees, in the patchy grass/dirt there by the little shed. I was reaching in to try and get one of the ducks, when I felt something painful on the top of my foot…the part that was touching the ground. I didn’t think much of it, but then I looked down. There was blood everywhere, and it was actually squirting up in the air, pulsing with each of my heartbeats. I must have cut an artery. (I checked…there is an artery running across the top of your foot)

I started screaming, but I don’t remember it hurting at all. Just the sight of all that blood was freaking me out. I wanted my mama, and I knew she was out in the front yard, so I began hopping…hopping on the ‘good’ foot…all the way through the house, and out the front door, screaming and bleeding all the way. I’m sure my dad was right behind me, but I wasn’t stopping.

Somehow, they took me back inside, put me in the bath tub, and wrapped a towel around my foot to stop the bleeding. I do remember the walls being splattered, again and again, with the pulses, and it dripping down. Next, I remember being in the car, sitting in mom’s lap, and dad was driving really fast to the emergency room at the hospital. I don’t know why they decided to take me in the car, instead of calling an ambulance. Maybe because we lived a ways out, and they thought it would be quicker.

Next, I remember sitting up on the examining table at the hospital. The doctor was stitching me up. He’d put some kind of numbing solution on the cut, so I didn’t feel it hurting, just a funny sensation of the thread, or whatever he used, going through my skin, as I watched.

That is all I remember of that hour or so in the day. I still have the scar…and, my life.


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