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On  a hot summer night, I was up in the stands at a race-car event. The track was huge, and cars were zip, zip, zipping past, sounding like mosquitoes. I watched them for awhile, but also kept looking up at the dark sky, like I do all the time, looking at the stars. As usual, I kept hoping a UFO would show itself.

Suddenly, I did see movement in amongst the stars, and it seemed to be getting closer. It was just a bright, little light, but was moving very fast toward us, here at the race. It got closer, still, until it was right above the track, and it began circling around, just like the fast race-cars. It was an even faster blur. It seemed to be a small jet plane, like an Air Force jet. How it could zoom around so super fast, I don’t know. Everyone watching from the stands were amazed.

After a couple of turns around the track, it took off, back into the dark sky. We watched until it was just a small, bright speck of light, again. However, just before we lost sight of it, we saw a giant explosion up in the sky, shooting orange flames, miles high.


Writing down a dream

Nothing is as it seems

Writing down a dream

There’s a message, but what does it mean?

ooo – ooo – ooo – ooo

Writing down a dream

Remembering every scene

Writing down a dream

Visions are quite extreme

ooo – ooo – ooo – ooo


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PARAKEET STORY blue-parakeet-204698__180 budgerigars-331834__180

A week ago I posted about a dream I had about a parakeet. http://wp.me/s3RE1e-parakeet

I couldn’t remember what happened in the dream, so I asked for suggestions. I did get two wonderful ideas from these lovely friends… Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy the poem/story! 🙂

Emily –  her suggestion = the zombie apocalypse

Kelly –   her suggestion = clipping wings of birds



Bobby Blue, the parakeet,

Was very loud, but could not tweet.

Escaped he did, from gilded cage;

He seemed to be in an awful rage.

He flew around with a terrible squawk,

And I was shocked, when he began to talk.

He told me not to clip his wings,

As he’d heard tell of terrible things.

He wanted us to leave our home,

For Zombies were about to roam.

It was the Zombie Apocalypse…

They’d take big bites, instead of nips.

We had to run and fly away;

No more fun and no more play.

We’d find a place to stay hidden,

For Zombies are scary and forbidden.

Bobby Blue and I, that day,

Packed our bags and went away.

Even though Bobby, the parakeet,

Only squawked, and could not tweet,

He saved us from the Apocalypse,

And also avoided wings with clips.


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I was having a horrible dream about a parakeet. blue-parakeet-204698__180 budgerigars-331834__180

Now, I can’t remember what it was about, except I was trying to put him back in his cage.

What else happened?

Write a few words in the comments, and I’ll try to work it into a little story! 🙂


Thanks! Peace }I{


Update to this…the Parakeet Story! enjoy! 🙂  http://wp.me/p3RE1e-1gE