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For Nano Poblano and National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo)


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“Please Introduce Yourself”

Hello! We are the nice lady’s photo albums. We are in a big ‘ol mess over here. The nice lady has no sense of organization, as you can see. We don’t mind too much, because she loves us. She looks at us most every day, flipping through our many pages…and we sure have a lot of pages to flip through. Do you know why she does this? Because, of the photo challenges she does here on her blog. She tries to find a photo to go with a prompt word, or just a photo of whatever she’s writing about.

The nice lady has enjoyed taking photos for many years. she never throws away a photo, even if it is a blooper or out of focus! She even has those old negatives that come with the older photos. This is not all of our photo community, oh no. There are boxes and bags full of us in her closet, and garage, just waiting to be put into albums. someday! There are even lots of photos of people she doesn’t know. She gets them at yard sales and flea markets. We peeked, and they are pretty interesting, too. There are also many photos on her computer and phone. We like living here, because you never know when we will be needed to come to the rescue with a photo that is just right for the nice lady to use. 🙂


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