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What I’ve Been Reading


What I’ve Been Reading


Now, I don’t like living in a time when there is a pandemic viral disaster, but I sure like reading about fictional ones.

I’ve read this first series of books several times.

“Quarantine” (the Loners), by Lex Thomas, is so good. This is the first book in a series of YA novels, which are set in a high school. Some catastrophic event causes a horrible virus to spread, so the whole school is quarantined. Unless help from the outside comes along to eradicate the virus, the teens are stuck until they reach, I believe, age 18, and then they graduate by being able to leave. The contamination is over for them. Meanwhile, they gravitate toward groups of like-minded students to form gangs. The first we read about are the ‘Loners’. Each gang is out for themselves, and they have battles for survival against the others.

In the next few books, another gang is featured in each one, but they all interact. You want to keep getting these books to find out how it all turns out.


This two book series is good, too. I’ve read the first one twice, and am about half way through with the second one. I don’t know if there will be more.

The setting is in England, present time. Something causes a virus to be unleashed into all water, especially the rain, which contaminates every other water source. If even a drop of bad water touches you, you die a horrible death.

Some people have so far survived, and the book is told through the voice of one high school girl as she manages her life now, alone.

It is eerie how this book is so much like what we have going on right now in the real world, except the virus comes through the rain, though it is contagious person to person. How the people are told to shelter in place – stay home, how the people that are left begin raiding stores, and hoarding, how the government is looking for a cure, but not really helping, and more similarities.

These were written by Virginia Bergin in 2014 & 2015.


So, that’s what I’ve been reading. How about you? 🙂


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