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CEE’S SHARE YOUR WORLD – 2016 – WEEK # 46 sywbanner

Share Your World – 2016 Week 46



Are you a traveler or a homebody? 

I used to travel a lot. We were/are retired now, Army family, so we moved around a lot. We traveled  and lived for awhile in Germany, and Japan, and several U.S. states and cities. We traveled to Mexico for a short sightseeing visit. It was fun back then, but we haven’t done much since my husband’s retirement from the service. We go to Missouri to visit our daughter and family, and we’ve been to Las Vegas NV, and I’ve been to New Mexico since then. I wouldn’t mind taking short trips here and there, but I really am not fond of motel rooms. I’d rather stay home with my own bed, many pillows, my cats, and normal routine, now.

What kind of TV commercial would you like to make? Describe it.

I’d do away with all TV commercials. I hate them all. There are too many, they last too long, and most are so bad, I have to block my ears, or mute the TV, and scream “I hate commercials!” Yep, I do that a lot. So, I wouldn’t want to make one, because they are annoying and I’d think most people don’t like them. We have a thing called DVR or TiVo to record programs…we can fast forward and skip all ads.

Describe yourself in a word that starts with the first letter of your name.

Blogger 🙂

List some fun things for a rainy day.

Blog my posts, write all kinds of things, play computer games, read a book, do something crafty, like scrap booking, go outside and dance in the rain, since we don’t usually get enough. (notice I didn’t say watch TV…I hardly do that any more, and I hate the commercials)

Bonus question: What are you grateful for this past week, and what are you looking forward to in the weeks coming up?

I am grateful for the past several years of knowing and being ‘soul sistah’ friends with a wonderful, caring, and loving woman. We never met in person, just did Skype and telephone, and we met online, finding out we were both interested in the same things. You ever have someone you just meet, and know without a doubt that you’ve known them before, maybe in a past life? That was us. …She passed away yesterday 11/13/16, and I miss her terribly. I keep crying every little bit. Don’t ever doubt you can make a deep, and long lasting friendship with a person you meet online. RIP Soul Sistah ❤


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Three Line Tales, Week Twenty-Six



photo by Maher El Aridi


Glowing softly, the  moonflower princesses glide silently across the countryside.

They are sent, once again, to welcome the most recently departed princess to their heavenly realm.

She will then be awarded an ethereal wedding gown, to commemorate her initiation into their most exclusive hereafter society.


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photo found on pixabay


Look up at the night, the stars, the moon

Play me a song, or sing me a tune

Don’t look at the sun…

Planets will sing in harmony, in

Empathy, so gloriously

Don’t look at the sun…

When I am done


For dVerse Poets – Sevenling – Music

Poetry and Painting Embrace: We Can’t Forget Claudia Schoenfeld

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He slept in crushed rose petals

The thorns he saved for the night

He could bear the pain no longer

His blood red, as the rose

Pooling beneath him

Sweet, sweet copper

The scent of misery and relief

His bed of roses yet grows

From a life as crushed as a petal

Gone too soon



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For Prompt Nights – Take Time Out to Smell the Roses (17)

Prompt Nights – Take time out and stop to smell the Roses – [17]


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COLOR YOUR WORLD – # 20 – CADET BLUE  untitled

Today we have the color called Cadet Blue, which is a blue with a hint of gray.

Find more about this Crayola color challenge by clicking below:

Color Your World – Cadet Blue



You lived your life as one free

To be as you wanted to be

Now in death, your remains behind bars,

Yet your soul is up with the stars

Please don’t fret…don’t regret

Your mark we’ll never forget





I took this picture when we were wandering around the local cemetery.

It is an iron gate on a mausoleum.


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I’m not going with the prompt today. It was to be something whimsical, and about happy endings. As it is coming near to Halloween, my favorite time of year, I wanted to do this one today. 🙂



Twisting, turning in their graves

Souls want out tonight.

Tangled in their silken shrouds,

No one hears their plight.

A Specter of their former selves,

They claw with bloody nails…

They struggle inside their coffins, dark…

No one hears their wails.

Come closer, you who walk nearby,

Release us from this plane.

Our spirits now just ectoplasm

That death will not lay claim.

Sobbing now, we feel the chill

Of centuries gone by…

Please rescue us, oh mortal ones…

You see…we did not die.


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Today we were given a phrase… Things aren’t always what they seem…

Words we could use to give us an idea were … mystery, double life, a person or object

To continue with my Halloween, and spooky theme, for this time of the season…I give you this one. I’m saying it is ‘free-verse’ as every word just flowed out…like magic. I think because this is my favorite thing to write about.

Dare you read it?



Why can’t you see me?

I never planned on being a Ghost…a Ghost of myself.

Flitting around you, I beg for attention…validation…

I am me…a Soul in transition…pain…

Why won’t you see me? I am here beside you.

You look right through me…like I’m not real.

It’s so hard…so hard…I want to be heard.

I need to know you still think of me…still love me.

I am transformed…not gone, not forgotten, not dismissed or diminished as

A strange sound, a confusing coincident of you know-not-what.

I don’t mean to scare you. Please feel no fear. I need your warmth…your love.

I ache to be near you.

Am I the cold chill you feel when I reach out to touch you?

Yes, it’s me.

Am I the wisp of mist you think you see, from the corner of your eye?

Yes, it’s me

Am I the moaning sound you think is the wind through the cracks?

Yes, it’s me.

I’m screaming out to you. I have been here all along.

I have not forgotten you. I give you signs…

Give me a sign that you still care…that you recognize that sudden small flash of memory.

Yes, it’s me, recognizing you in that moment.

I had to leave this life, this mortal realm.

It wasn’t my choice, you see. Please believe me…believe in me,

As I am still here with you…as I am.

I live in your heart, in your thoughts…I am still me, loving you, with all my Soul.

Am I the silence, when you sense that you’re being watched…yes, it’s me…I am near.

Yes, it’s me…still loving you with all my Soul…I am me…

I am the Ghost beside you…


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This is 'Weena' ...she teleports herself!

This is ‘Weena’ …she teleports herself!

On Monday, August 24, 2015, about 2 o’clock p. m. CST, mine and my daughter’s little Tabby cat, Rowena “Weena”, passed away. She lived a long, happy life of seventeen and a half years.

Oh, baby girl, I love you so much…how can I ever say good-bye. I can’t…it hurts so bad…I hate this…

Weena was born near Austin, Tx. in the springtime. She was carried across the overflowing Pedernales River, along with her sister, Gretchen, to be given to my daughter. Rowena was a feisty little kitty, earning her the nickname “Brave Little Toaster”.

Later, Rowena, Gretchen, and my daughter came to live with me. Her bravery continued, keeping the other resident critters in line…those being two dogs, another cat, and even her own sister. She was the boss, and was in charge of them all whenever we were out of the house. She took her job seriously.

Oh, sweet baby, we had so many fun times…you’re such a good girl…I’m going to miss you so much…I love you…

Weena loved to sit on laps, her daily brushing, and jumping up on the ironing board, for more brushing and treats. Her favorite fun times included chattering at the falling, swirling leaves in Autumn, and she was ever vigilant in catching moths.

Oh, sweet Weena…I knew the end was growing near, when I brought you a big, yellow leaf, and you only sniffed it…not enough energy to give chase…my heart is breaking…

Rowena’s claim to fame, in this house, was when she’d disappear. We always said she’d teleported herself to another dimension. She’d absolutely be missing for hours, then mysteriously re-appear in the last place we’d seen her…acting as if nothing had happened. She would have an all-knowing look in her eyes…she’d been somewhere, and seen things only she’d have the privilege of experiencing.

Oh, sweetie, where did you go when you left us…frantically searching for you? Were you visiting all my other pets who have crossed over…checking on them, playing with them? I know you have joined them now, to await my arrival in your new, peaceful world. I know I’ll see you all again someday…

I named my blogs after Weena. She was the inspiration for “teleportingweena”. The idea of teleportation, and time machines, like the book and movie, “The Time Machine” by H. G. Wells, and the girl in both, named Weena. I believe in the idea of time-travel, other dimensions, ghosts, and all mysterious realms, and I think Rowena did too…and now she knows the truth of it all.

On a soft, green blanket, on my bed, Weena took her last breaths, as I was petting her and telling her how much I loved her…and that we’d see each other again someday.

Oh, Weena…I’m trying to comfort you, and I’m crying so hard for you…and for myself because I’m going to miss you so much. I’m going to miss you at night, sleeping on my chest, brushing my face with your tickly whiskers, and gentle pats with your paws. I’ll miss the cute way you meowed when I asked you something, and you’d answer. I pray you’re not in pain…that you’re not afraid…that you know you are loved forevermore…forevermore…

Services are pending, with a small ceremony, and loving words. Rowena was cremated, and her cremains will be interred in the garden, next to her sister, Gretchen, who left us in January of 2015. Rowena’s kitty companions left to miss her, are Paolo, and Cricket.


~All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all~ Cecil F. Alexander …


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When you close your eyes forever,

Do they sink into your skull?

Do you make believe you’re still alive,

Or is it rather dull?

Does your soul go wandering here and there,

Does it visit peaceful places?

Does it gather with the ghostly dead,

And see familiar faces?

Do you zoom around the universe

Asking questions far and wide,

Or do you lurk in closets,

Forever more to hide?

Does your skeleton do dances,

Under the midnight moon, or

Do those rattling bones of yours

Make mortal beings swoon?

Your flesh does slowly turn to dust,

Your Earthly body finished.

It goes the way of all that lived, but

Your Soul is not diminished.


Peace }I{




A gleam in my eye

I gaze at the sky,

A yearning I can’t explain…

My souls cries out,

A silent shout,

Bereft, I wait in pain.

So far away,

The Milky Way,

This place in the vast unknown,

Someday they’ll call,

And I will fall,

Into darkness that is my home.

Into the night

I will take flight

To stars I did behold…

I dreamed to dare,

And sailed through the air…

My soul will forever unfold.


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